Remove the Coins of Terror

CSM EDITORIAL The UK terror problem is merely part of a concerted, multi-faceted attempt by political islamists who want sharia law to govern the world. They have no excuses, whatever the likes of apologists – Corbyn, CAGE and Stop the War – say about the West creating problems abroad. The philosophy of these islamists is a lot like the fairground coin pusher arcade games: put … Continue reading Remove the Coins of Terror

Siamese Fighting Fish: A Most Vital Illustration

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Please, Dear Readers, take heed of these characteristics of the Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens): Originally, they herald from the East. They have been bred to fight for many centuries. They often display very belligerent behaviour towards any animals that they deem a threat. Their breeding habits are messy – they are prone to physical and mental defects having been selectively over-bred between … Continue reading Siamese Fighting Fish: A Most Vital Illustration

Untie the Hands of SIS

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN I usually, for obvious reasons, carefully edit my articles on Country Squire Magazine. I haven’t with this one and I couldn’t care less. The evening had no business being so beautiful. With a warm May sun still high in the clear blue sky, the walk along the stony hillside path should have been lovely. It wasn’t. Bounding through the clover and dandelions, … Continue reading Untie the Hands of SIS