Virtue Signallers


After a few days of having the likes of Lily Allen and Gary Lineker Virtue Signal themselves into a seizure I had to step back and laugh.  What has made our current crop of “celebs” more annoying than previous generations?  I have no problem with them having an opinion, I just really object to their self-importance and their belief that they are right, regardless of evidence to the contrary.

I think the final straw for me was Brexit, the smug “I’m voting Remain because I’M NOT A BIGOT YOU VILE RACISTS” tweets and television interviews were just beyond parody.  The last three decades have seen celebrities from all genres suddenly become the go-to authority on everything regardless of whether they have any experience in that field or in some cases have any idea what is being debated. Leading to fact-lite ramblings and accusations that the other person doesn’t understand some other random point they’ve managed to crowbar into the conversation – LEADING TO THEIR OPPONENT BEING A VILE RACIST AND WORSE THAN HITLER!

I’ll be honest, I blame the 90’s for letting “comedians” think they’re the voice of the people because they once told a funny joke about someone who was hated in the media for a short time.  This whole blame culture we’ve created has now resulted in more and more celebrities taking the moral high ground and sneering at us poor plebs below, because kicking a ball around a football field, leaving your wife for a younger woman and watching your colleagues constantly end up in the papers for engaging in sordid sexual acts naturally qualifies you to dictate to the rest of us how we should think and feel.

I particularly find it rather amusing that wealthy Gary Lineker should tell us how we should be more caring and what we can do to help more whilst working for a company that requires people to pay it for its services even if they don’t use them, then enforces this by threat of prison. Not to mention Gary’s employer has a rather questionable past  as recent scandals have revealed…yet he’s happy to pocket the money and carry on as it doesn’t affect him, only others.

Mr Lineker’s faux-horror over Donald Trump’s “locker-room” talk was particularly hilarious, I’m still waiting for him to report his former footballing colleagues for things he’d have heard in a locker-room.

Funnily enough, Saint Gary is currently facing calls to be sacked, which has enraged the left…they usually like to be the ones calling for someone to be sacked for “offensive” things they’ve said.  I defend Gary’s right to free speech, I don’t defend the calls to have him sacked, however I find the whole thing simultaneously hilarious and pitiful as the left really hate it when their own rules apply to them.

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  1. I don’t see what Gary Lineker’s wealth has to do with anything. Fame, yes. But wealth is irrelevant here. He was wealthy before he started working for national TV.

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