How The Left Tricked You


Opponents of the radical left’s excesses have for a long time warned that over-bearing, often nonsensical levels of fervent political correctness are having a deleterious effect on public discourse.

The censoriousness, anti-democracy, and plain nastiness of the regressive left is not only wrong on a moral and a civil level, but is counter-productive to its own aims.

When normal disagreement on issues such as immigration and the threat of radical Islam is rendered impossible by vacuous, anti-intellectual social justice cackhands, what can be expected to happen? Did they really think that people would accept their all-encompassing new definitions of ‘racism’ or ‘bigotry’? Their definitions are cheaply self-serving, allowing any and all dissenters to be silenced through fear of slander, while undermining real concerns about discrimination.

Perhaps you can, for a very short while, police people’s words, but certainly not their thoughts. While you might be able to twist perceptions of the truth among the feeble-minded—that is, those confused and credulous enough to be indoctrinated by the PC fanatics’ corrupt algorithms—you can’t hinder a free population’s ability to recognise when a lie is being sold. There is a remarkable level of ignorance involved in the radical left’s belief that it can win an argument in the long-term simply by spewing abuse and falsely sullying the reputations of its opponents.

Safe spaces, trigger warnings, no-platforming—all are symptoms of a self-indulgent, infantile approach to public discourse, whereby retreat, fragility, and conformity take the place of exchange, evidence, and debate.

Then there is the noxious rot of identity politics. Who on the radical left thought that it would be a good idea to categorise people according to the colour of their skin, their gender, or their sexual preferences? Who wants to box us in like this without considering for a moment the resentment that such inhumane dogma would call forth? Who has the audacity to declare that some opinions are more valid than others based on—what?–family tree? Whose bed you slept in last night? Which church you might visit?

This is bigotry, pure and simple, and speaks to a move among the regressive left toward the arrogant, unnatural cruelty of social segregation.

When you read opinion pieces by liberal left wing commentators questioning how it is that Donald Trump has been allowed to claim the presidency, you should already know the answer—he has been propelled to the White House by, among others, the writers of those columns themselves.

The regressive left can tell people how to vote, and declare in crude terms that the electorate are despicable fascists if they don’t comply. It can threaten to root people out and have them sacked, or call them racist, stupid, and beyond redemption. It can leave no option other than to get in line and support the authorised candidate. And with the full, bullying force of the liberal media against them, many people will publicly fall into step with the agenda, and agree that the bad candidate is, indeed, unconscionable, while the leftist agenda is pristine.

On 9th November in the United States the illiberal left forgot that their wretched dominion ends at the entrance to the voting booth.

The identity politics corrupters have been roundly beaten at their own game, and the outcome they were warned about for so long has come to pass, as a huge number of reasonable people felt that they had no choice but to opt for the only non-PC alternative on offer.

This should be a wake-up call for the left—an invitation to reflect, self-analyse, and dissect how badly they’ve been led astray by ideological extremists.

Some are doing this, but unfortunately there are a great number who refuse, or are simply unable to snap the Mobius Loop to which they’re bound. Instead, they continue to whirr endlessly round like a piece of unwanted, stale sushi.

Incredibly, recklessly, they are now doubling down on the identity politics, going all in on political correctness, and utterly denying the possibility that they view events through a distorting ideological veil.

Having confused politics with morality, the PC leftists have the impression that all who take a different view are contemptible low-lives. They’ve isolated themselves on an illusory, desolately sterile moral high ground.

Any attempts to compromise with them are seen as unclean and ethically compromised. They’d rather just keep belching rhetoric, self-reinforcing, and upping the ante—the same accusations, the same untruths, the same tiresome, muddled gloop, over and over until the doctors arrive.

Sam White is a Guest Writer for Country Squire Magazine and his portfolio of articles can be found here at Up All Night

4 thoughts on “How The Left Tricked You

  1. Hmmmm. Okay, you have a point, certainly, but your article makes it sound like the super left people created this fiasco and have great power over anyone progressive. I’m a 48 yo woman from Seattle. The Pacific NW is seriously Blue. But the whole..”microaggressions! Everybody be offended! OMG that 20 yo guy just glanced at your ass…he’s a MONSTER…” kind of bullshit…that’s not slathered all over our every day lives at all. Perhaps it is more on college campuses?….but everyone I know is pretty damn progressive and just find that shit petty, superficial, and lacking all subtlety. And it’s not why Trump freakin won. Trump won because there has been this gradual, insidious invasion into the hearts and minds and churches of the faith-based people in America that only Conservative Republicans share your values. That if you are a good Christian you vote republican because those Godless blue staters prance to abortion clinics all willy-nilly, and want to take away your guns and your opportunity to someday be a millionaire and not have to pay a bunch of taxes. They actually believe now that SCIENCE is an opinion, and that God and Science are not compatable. And because of years of Fox News masquerading as journalism rather than editorial opinion, they DONT CARE if you show them tape or documents disproving whatever falsehood they are currently falling for because at some point during this indoctrination of the ultra conservative agenda, they learned to be able to look truth and facts in the face and discount them if they interfered with their beliefs. The people that voted for Trump DIDNT CARE that he is a narcissistic sociopath that wants all the prestige of the presidency and none of the pesky day to day work of keeping a country afloat. People who voted red and the republicans in office had 8 YEARS of Obama and the democrats bending over backwards trying to include them and the republicans threw it all back in their face and doubled down. They do not want to compromise, they want to steam-roller in this pretty freakin scary agenda. The people who voted in the republicans seem to have no idea that republican policies are TERRIBLE for them. All of the data is there to see and hear, but again, they have had a lot of time to get used to not seeing documented facts when they are waved in their faces. That whole phenomenon was certainly not caused by a relatively small amount of uber pc lefties annoying the shit out of everyone…ESPECIALLY we progressives. That phenomenon was gradually built with shadow money and whispers, under the radar gerrymandering, and grooming key players until the reds and blues in the same states started feeling marginalized and separated from their neighbors. And to bring it all together that one-trick pony, Abortion, that guaranteed-to-forever-separate people along red and blue lines kept getting whipped into a froth at the state level. Trump voters believe that we are misguided, Jesus-needing, tree-huggers that they are vastly morally superior to. They are well beyond being able to recognize the difference between what the republicans say and what they do and that the consequences of what they do is the opposite of what they said was going to happen. These are people who think the Obama presidency was a near catastrophe despite all the numbers proving otherwise and the fact that history will laud The Obamas as one of the very best Presidents and First Ladies this country has ever known. A minority of uber PC lefties did not create the Tea Party, fund divisiveness, put a bunch of extremist asshole racists into the House of Representatives and convince people that if they were “true” Christians, they had to live, breathe, and bleed red. These are people that wave the flag screaming they they are Patriots and we are godless commies, while they ACTIVELY try to get legislation passed that is utterly contrary to the Constitution and the very fabric of what American democracy is supposed to be for its citizens. Big money + extremist right views+massive misinformation all wrapped up in a down home grassroots long term campaign of getting all those neighborhood pastors to preach Sunday after Sunday after Sunday out of Leviticus, and about what couldn’t be allowed to happen to their God-fearing country…THAT is how Trump actually wound up with the presidency. Don’t get me wrong, the freakin PC people kinda need to be punched repeatedly in the face every time they use the term “microaggression” and think everyone should get a trophy for showing up, but they didn’t have the juice to create what is happening on the right. That is full-on moral superiority, don’t insult my God, people are more important than some dumb animals, Climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Left to fear-monger everyone into huge new taxes bullshit. A Belief system so huge and convoluted It has its own freakin GRAVITY, and it’s pulling the whole freakin world down with it. They don’t even know they are Hailing Hydra because they see Non-Reds as full on enemies or enemy sympathizers.
    I need coffee so I’m not editing this before I post. I apologize for any typos or rambling. And remember, use bats or knives on the zombies, steel-fencing around a small town as soon as you can is better for security than living on the road, and save your ammo for people, cuz you’ll need it. Oh yeah, crossbows. Lots and Lots of crossbows.
    Take care 😀

  2. The only way to combat the outrage and the leftist whining is to legislate against the faux racism, faux outrage etc That goes against the grain of true liberals (not be confused with progressives) but surely it has to be done. They need to be reduced to irrelevance and fast. The backlash against them is fantastic and well overdue.

  3. Never again. The Islamists have been getting away, literally, with murder because of this PC crap. I work for the police and you can see crooks getting away with it because of this PC rubbish.

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