Country Squire Christmas Competition

Dear Readers,

This year Christmas will land barely two months after our launch. Nonetheless, we feel obliged as squires and squiresses to offer you some sort of a Christmas Competition and a must-win prize.

So, first to The Prize: it’s 20 litres of  Devon Red Cider from Sandford Orchards in Crediton. “Bags of fruit and a truly satisfying cider bite delivered in a genuinely quaffable and light balanced cider”. (After a serious amount of tasting, we here at Country Squire Magazine all agreed this was by far the besht cider we’d ever tasted in our lives and would make a fine first Christmas prize to a competition winner).


So, the Closing Time & Date: Midnight on Christmas Day 2016. 

This year’s Christmas Competition Theme: “Name the Countryside Beach”

Competition Rules:

Carefully read the clues below and tell us using the contact page of our website (remembering to leave your name, a contact email and telephone number) the name and location of the beach the clues are referring to. The first email received to correctly name the beach will win the prize. (One guess per person please. No cheating!!!!) 


To reach me, go down the steps and pass by the overturned boat. You then have a choice: walk along my pebbles to the East and disrobe by the rocks or take a turn to the right and shelter under the cliff wall, wearing something at least. To the East, land can be seen jutting out in the far distance … but only on a clear day. France you cannot see even on a clear day.  To the West there are lights at night. A word of warning: do not ever sit near my middle unless you lay your beach towel by the water. Or rocks may tumble down the cliffs onto you and you’ll never walk back up my steps again. 

Good Luck to You All! And a Merry Christmas to You and Yours! 

P.S. If no-one guesses right, the prize goes to Mr Jamie Foster and his red trousers, who will choose a collection of best-guess readers to join in the consumption of the Devon Red on a beach, somewhere, sometime.


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