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It may come as a bit of a shock to protesters against Trump over here but Great Britain hasn’t asserted jurisdiction over the United States since 1783. The US President can do what he likes – within the checks and balances of the US legislative process – whether Britons like it or not.

As for this petition requesting that the Trump State Visit to Britain be banned, only a million and a half so far have signed it out of a population of sixty-five million. That’s 2% of the UK population. That’s the limit of the UK’s liberal Twitter echo chamber? (Not accounting for those who have signed the petition more than once and those signatures likely to have been created by bots).

Frankly most Brits don’t give a damn what Trump does. Yes, they’d like to see a boom in trade based on an enhanced special relationship with Britain. They’d like to see a strong America again. They certainly look down on the hysteria kicked up by liberals. Hearing Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Miliband banging on about how Trump should not be allowed into the UK convinces most people that he should be allowed in – those two are permanent barometers of wrong. Let’s face it, the Chinese Premier is guilty of presiding over a lot worse and he manages to get his state visit – the Mall bedecked in Chinese flags.

It doesn’t seem to register with these UK protesters that many British conservatives are not Trump fans. Of course, some British conservatives are Trump fans. Just because conservatives fail to protest, they are not, as the liberals wrongly call it, appeasing.

The reality is that Trump so far has pushed through some good executive orders which might go some way to restoring the economy and the pride of our old Ally across the pond – after the car crash Presidency of Obama which ignored the UK and sought to undo American supremacy.

The reality is one can dislike Trump as a character and left idiocy simultaneously – as many British conservatives do.

The media have been disgraceful of late. Huffington Post’s headline of America on the brink was the worst of a bad bunch. The BBC’s coverage leaves one asking how much of a refund is owed to the huge majority of UK license fee payers, who pay for the national broadcaster to be impartial. Even writers for the once mature and respected Daily Telegraph have gone berserk … a genuine embarrassment for a fine old Fleet Street colossus.


The reality is many Britons see Trump’s temporary closing of the US borders as the kind of bold measure we should be seeing undertaken in the UK.

Many Britons voted Brexit so there could be stricter vetting of immigrants. Yes, they were somewhat worried about the Poles and Romanians overwhelming our schools and hospitals. Yes, they were fed up with the scores of old parents of UK Indians flying over to the UK to get free hospital treatment thus clogging NHS wards. But many voted Brexit because they were fed up to the back teeth of Britain’s Islamist problem and saw the EU under Merkel as an unhelpful sieve. Brexit was about taking back control. Regaining sovereignty.

Trump is attacking the elephant in the room in America. We’re still failing to acknowledge the elephant in the room here in the UK:

A disproportionate number of Muslims filling Britain’s Most Wanted List. A disproportionate number of Muslims unemployed and falling back on benefits. Deobandis not integrating and haughtily taking over certain northern towns. Mistreatment of women. Sharia courts. Political Muslims wanting special treatment in schools, jails, sports centres and wherever they can whine. Trojan Horse governors. Islamists wreaking havoc and costing us dear by forcing us into counter extremism and counter terror programmes, ramping up our national security costs; not to mention so many of them hating Britain openly on the street. Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri. The Lee Rigby murder. Rotherham hardly helped the British public’s optimism for multiculturalism where Muslims are concerned.

So, there it is.

It’s been said.

Britain, like America, has an Islamist problem. And this pussy-footing around with Prevent doesn’t go down well with many, although it’s an understandable strategy given the goals of the foe.

So now maybe the Left can wake up and stop whining about the treatment of their Islamist friends. Maybe now they can grow up, grow a pair and work out some real policies which deal with the UK’s Islamist problem before the situation gets far worse and certain sections of UK society take the law into their own hands and initiate a pogrom just as will likely happen in the less refined parts of Europe over coming years. Maybe the Left might actually get into power again if it does.

Political Islam – certainly its extremist variants – must be removed from UK society. That’s why there is apathy towards the petition and support from many in the UK towards Trump. They want to see Islamist extremists destroyed as he promises. The great majority of Britons have no issue with the vast majority of Muslims who work hard and try their hardest to integrate. The rest – are seen as a ticking time-bomb.

If anyone should be blamed for appeasement right now, it’s the liberals. Appeasing political Islam. Outrage at Trump’s “Muslim Ban” yet silence over the Middle Eastern ban on Jews. Their hypocrisy is outrageous.

And all the while the liberals’ whining and protests continue, they must realise they are the ones who got us and America into this awful mess.

That is the main reason why over 63 million are yet to sign. Many will never openly admit it for fear of being slapped with a fine for Islamophobia.

Trump’s 90 day ban is flawed. It’s not well thought through. But at least Trump is trying to do something with the US’ Islamist problem.

Reality Check.

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  1. Thank you for a sensible, proportionate article. And, by-the-way, have been a Telegraph reader for years, but am now cancelling my subscription – sneering pieces by Michael Deacon and others have revolted me. Obviously much happier making childish, spiteful remarks than facing reality.

    Phil Copson.

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