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The new left is racist. The middle class, holier-than-though, Europhile left. You know the ones. The millennial, mud-slinging narcissists, fixated on skin colour and marching for Islamism. Look at their progressive media and you’ll find endlessly carping think pieces on their perpetual hang up: race. They have a creepy obsession and ambiguous motives.

Here’s a recent assault on basic reasoning from the BBC News site, in which it’s proposed that arranging chopsticks incorrectly is a micro-aggression. Micro-aggressions are a newly made-up thing that don’t exist. But just having the term in circulation allows leftist control freaks to hypocritically call anyone and everyone a bigot for microscopic violations of the incomprehensible, ever-changing PC code. After all, imagine the damage done by not putting your chopsticks in the right place before you take a photo. The horror.

The new left works outward from the miserable premise that all white people are racist. An obvious flaw in this statement is that it’s racist. But its proponents use sophistry and codswallop to get around the contradiction, falling back on the lie that we live in a white supremacy in order to excuse their prejudice. This is misdirection, and has nothing to do with the dictionary definition of racism. But they’re vandals, and would happily do away with dictionaries altogether if it aided their crooked ends. They claim that racism can only be perpetrated by people who have an inbuilt societal advantage. A societal advantage that now exists solely in the obsolete imagination of the left anyway.

So we’re foisted with a fictional definition based on a fictional view of society, but they’ll pretend it’s all valid. And the progressive media, overrun with sympathetic zealots, gives credence to the lie.

Go tell an unemployed person on any predominantly white council estate that they benefit from structural advantages and were born racist. Tell them they’re inherently privileged, and should feel guilty for their ancestral sin. See how far that line of argument works in the real world. Oh, and let’s say a big well done to Barack Obama—it’s quite an achievement for a black man to serve two terms as the democratically elected head of state in a white supremacy.

For a look at some real racism, you need to focus on the people who can’t stop talking about the subject. Cast your attention leftward. The racism of the left is practised in full view, with the support of the popular media and mainstream academia, and without censure or challenge.

As an illustration, watch journalist and Islamic reform activist Asra Nomani’s recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show in the US. Nomani voted for Donald Trump, and has spoken of the vicious abuse she’s endured for doing so. Maher’s partisan, left-liberal audience will bay and jeer at anyone who doesn’t condemn Trump, but Nomani is too smart to be caught out.

Before explaining the logically consistent reasons for her vote, she states gently that she’s a Muslim and an immigrant, and this instantly buys her some respect. The audience’s minds are wrenched open a millimetre or two, and they listen. In other words, in this confrontation with identity politics, she has no choice other than to employ identity politics. To the audience, her opinion becomes more valid because she belongs to groups they classify as oppressed. It doesn’t matter how comfortable her individual circumstances might be, because the categorisation process is absolute. Remember that to a racist, individuals don’t matter—they only care about groups.

The new left judges how much time, attention and respect they will grace on a speaker based on the speaker’s race, gender, and religion. And they make no apology for it. In fact, they actively disseminate the ideologies which foment such bigotry, through academia, activism, and the liberal progressive media. Racism is inherent to how they operate, and they’ll use toxic, charlatan theories to legitimise it.

Incredibly, they do all this in the name of tolerance, fairness, and social justice. This is real life doublethink in action, and it’s disturbing to watch.

Sam White is a writer for Country Squire Magazine and has written for The Spectator & Metropolis. Other Sam White articles can be found by using the search box below (just type in Sam White) and also by looking here.

6 thoughts on “I, White

  1. In light of the importance of using chopsticks correctly I will avoid them and use only my hands and drink soup directly from the bowl and thus only offend white folk, that is if they are not eating their soup with their knife

  2. Doubt that arranging chopsticks incorrectly is micro-aggression, more likely ignorance but it can be seen as offensive to some Asians. Guess the key to harmony is mutual respect of other cultures not extreme hijacking of a simple mistake by the PC brigade.

  3. Disturbing?
    Frightening because this isn’t a passing phase, this is a culmination of 70yrs of progressive indoctrination – there is only one way out for us on this….

  4. Chopstick etiquette is important when trying to secure Chinese investment into UK PLC or a deal with the Japanese at that all important business lunch.

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