Plan Montserrat


We have a choice.

It’s binary.

Either we appease extremist Islamism or we fight it. There is no middle way, no Quilliam-style reformed Islam (none of the Muslims are buying their chatter and the non-Muslims don’t trust it), there’s no foolproof deradicalisation strategy that can save us and – non-negotiable – there shall be no more of our kids’ lives prematurely ended by Islamist social misfits who are no longer worthy of being treated like human beings.

We know who the terrorists and extremists are. They live among us. Some pretend to be former extremists but we can see through their lies. Many of those engaged in deradicalisation have accepted jihad by immigration as opposed to fighting jihad but still want to see the black flag of Islam flying over Downing Street and full implementation of sharia. One man involved in deradicalisation today wrote a long call to arms – for jihad – the year after 9/11 yet earns Government money to interview returnees from Syria. Trust that?

Let us put aside the wasted millions of public and private money we currently spend on jaw-jaw appeasement – on the Quilliams, Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the rest of the appeasing think tanks, full of their uneducated, mostly Muslim, talking heads who brainless, PC-spouting British civil servants pay homage to with As-Salāmu Alaykums and PBUH’s in a succession of pointless seminars. They have become an industry and depend on new attacks. Instead, let’s have some war-war.

These terrorists are killing our kids. Parents of suicide bomber Salman Abedi were Libyan refugees who the UK gave sanctuary. They gave us Salman. Salman and other extremists are not worthy of being near our kids.

We need a list published by the UK authorities of all the extremists and so-called “former extremists” in the UK. Let’s let them know in advance they will be on the list and give them one week to get out of the country – we’ll even privately fund their flights out –  and then let’s pick the stragglers up. The public will be shocked – they include NHS doctors and civil servants; councillors, teachers and imams.

Let’s get out of the spineless EU now and repeal EU human rights law immediately. Let’s show the gutless Europeans how to deal with the Islamist problem. Let’s spend the saved millions on high security jails exclusively for Islamists and let’s build them far away – on the uninhabited part of Montserrat or some other such distant British dominion. Send the ten thousand or so extremists who live amongst us to jail there until they publicly denounce their warped religious beliefs in solitary; give them the choice of rot or reform. Those Islamist prisoners currently residing in the UK should be put on the same planes. Any human rights lawyers who stand in the way, publish their names also. This is no British Guantanamo – simply a finishing school to turn animals into humans.

Meanwhile, let’s shut down all the dodgy mosques and freeze their funds. We know which ones they are. Close all the madrasas – kids should not be put through that hell in the first-world UK most evenings, in ghettos found in places like Newham and Alum Rock. People can pray at home until imams and muftis go through a long and supervised course to become qualified, just as Anglican or Catholic priests do. Any uneducated fool can call themselves “sheikh”.

Let’s close all Islamic charities except the obviously safe ones and make them reapply for charity status, stipulating that any Islamic place of worship or school must have its key members verified and green-lighted by a body set up by non-Muslim and respected Muslim theologians to oversee British Islam. The problem with Islam is its lack of hierarchy – in the UK there must be one. All sharia should be removed from British life – there is no place for such barbarism in these islands, nor for a dual court system which currently maltreats women and brings across uncivilised bigotry from third world hellholes like Pakistan, Somalia and Bangladesh. Anyone polygamist currently residing in the UK should be given a month to leave. Intermarriage with first cousins should be made illegal.

This is no time for sticking plasters or damage limitation. The British eight-year-old girl victim Saffi Roussos is worth a trillion Islamists. We should not accept the words of quislings like Sadiq Khan who say that terrorism is here to stay. No more of our precious children should die for these dim extremists… they have no value or values akin to ours. Given the access they have to knowledge and illumination, they are surely the worst barbarians who ever walked upon this earth.

It’s got to be war. Let’s prevail now.

Or let’s continue appeasing these extremists and over time more of our children will perish. Their blood will be on our hands for not eradicating the threat earlier.

Theresa May has a huge responsibility. This issue dwarfs Brexit. She can either step up to the plate like her predecessor Thatcher with her iron fist and shoot-to-kill policies against terrorists or she can kick the can down the road for a stronger British leader who shall declare war on Islamists in the future, for fear the people will take it upon themselves to wipe Britain clean of the Islamist menace. If Theresa May needs more money to go through with Plan Montserrat then she should tell us how much – we will raise it in the city the same afternoon it is requested.

Manchester victims. RIP.