Day of Rage


Labour’s activist arm Momentum are planning a ‘RAGE’ riot in London on Wednesday during the Queens speech. At a time when London is already reeling from the London Bridge terror attacks, Grenfell Tower fire and Sunday’s Finsbury Park attack on Finsbury Park mosque-goers.


Perhaps it is the hot weather or maybe they are just deluded? Either which way they are incredibly selfish. The police have enough on their hands without having to deal with a full-scale riot in the middle of Whitehall.

Hopefully there will be lots of rain and frayed tempers will calm. Maybe the Corbynistas, who are whipping up hatred, will step down. With cooler heads they may then bother to do the maths on the General Election and realise that the Tory Party is there to stay for another five years, backed up by the DUP from Northern Ireland.

What these activists should do is vent their spleens on social media.

And what the rest of us should do is block or mute them.

It is time that a social media blacklist was developed whereby those of a conservative viewpoint can block out the rantings and ravings of the few – of the Corbynista nutters and communists, who are attracted to the likes of Momentum.

These Trotskyites are polluting the timelines of Twitter. They troll and preach. Their sixth form socialism is a cloud on a sunny day. And now they are calling for marches and protests, which they see as somehow being a method of overthrowing the democratically-elected government.

Perhaps these activists have not considered the hurdles they will need to scale to establish a Corbyn government? This will be like the Arab Spring, will it? The British army will step aside for a bunch of no-hopers espousing the politics of Chavez and sporting nose rings and Che Guevara tattoos? There will be a vote of no confidence in the Tory-DUP coalition, really? So, MPs like Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry will rebel against the Government, risking Corbyn in Downing Street? Britain suddenly has an appetite for socialism, does it? The philosophies of Margaret Thatcher and Milton Friedman are to be replaced by the genius of Owen Jones and Paul Mason?

What this dross fails to recognise is that many of the votes that went to Corbyn were either from protesting Remoaners who couldn’t bring themselves to vote Lib Dem because Tim Farron was so awful, or from kids who were offered free stuff and swallowed Corbyn’s lies (great credit must go to the 35% of young people who didn’t vote for Corbyn and saw through his baloney). They think they have a mandate to rule Britain on the back of that? Their party is not even with them – most of Labour’s MPs cannot wait to see the back of Corbyn, the most embarrassing leader of the Labour Party in its short history.

“Ah, but the polls show a 3% Labour lead,” these idiots counter. “People want Corbyn. He’s the man.” Err, no … they say they will vote Labour because May is generally disliked now after putting the country into a period of political instability – as soon as she has gone, the polls will swing back against the Marxists.

Go ahead with your riot, Labour, and you will have blown any hope you had of support from decent people. The kids will see through you. This will be your bonfire of vanities and you will go down merely and meekly as a dreadful protest blip in an unpleasant summer of unnecessary blood and stupidity.