Peak Corbyn Has Passed


Hitler gained control over Germany because his “Brownshirts”, the Sturmabteilung, disrupted the meetings and rallies of his opponents with violence. They ransacked the newspapers that dared print the truth about Hitler and his Nazis.

Corbynites like to burn and bin copies of the Sun and Mail too. They did so in large numbers before the General Election last month. The fervour of Momentum is not dissimilar to the Nazis’ doe-eyed abandon – anyone who has been on the end of a Momentum trolling online knows what nasty pieces of work they can be.

bin sun

Nationalsozialismus was a phenomenon of the Left also (clue is in the name) – whether the Left deign to agree with this fact is another matter altogether. Let’s not forget the Nazis addressed themselves as kameraden and comrade Sir Oswald Mosley was a Labour MP. Totalitarianism is the natural consequence of failed socialism – just ask the Venezuelans.

Jeremy Corbyn is not Hitler. Is he? Momentum dropped a commitment to nonviolence from its ethical code following interventions by some of its committee members last August – they are not the Left’s Sturmabteilung. Are they?


Fortunately, we will never have to find out, so long as the Tory-DUP pact remains intact for the 5 year fixed term parliament and Tory MPs recognise what a service to Britain they are doing by ensuring no further general election happens before 2022, when Corbyn will be 73, presuming he’s even Labour leader by then.

Let’s face it, Labour’s taking to the streets – with the damp squib of the Day of Rage and then Saturday’s granny anti-austerity march – has already failed as a strategy. There are simply not the numbers on Corbyn’s side and the young, post-Glastonbury, are waking up to the fact that Corbyn’s not cool – he is a bit of a prat, like the student union politics apparatchiks, who few pay much attention to and most wouldn’t be seen dead with at a hall party. The Brexit protest vote at the General Election was misplaced and those misguided souls who voted Labour to cock a snook at a Hard-Tory Brexit will surely have learned their lesson by now – they are all waiting for a new party to rise (and that will even further hamper Corbyn).

In the meantime, there’s plenty of work to be done. Damage limitation is a vital pastime following May’s election gamble:


Destroy Momentum and you destroy Corbyn –

and those from the far left who might try to emulate him.


How? Here’s a 7-point plan for CCHQ:

  1. New Leader. May is too Bismarcky. Has to go over the summer, or immediately after Brexit has been delivered. Too many own goals – she really is wibbly and wobbly. Right now she makes John Major look like a safe pair of hands. Find someone younger who doesn’t have clay feet and who can win elections.
  2. A Centralised list of Corbyn/Momentum social media accounts should be drawn up and put on a website, allowing those who want to avoid these trolls to mass block them and opt out of their proselytising. This disempowers their whole movement. They rely almost wholly on social media. Their only other power base is unions but few bother with joining unions anymore and they’ll be as unpopular as can be imagined anyway when Corbyn & McDonnell switch tactics from failed street protest to strikes. Keep those leaks coming from Momentum … they are gold dust. 1212
  3. Labour Antisemitism. This must be exposed as much as possible. The young do not want to be associated with this. They’ve all watched The Piano and Schindler’s List. This will soon put them off the Nazis when they realise who the racists are they are dealing with.
  4. Continue bashing away at Corbyn’s Paul Nuttall moment – when he claimed credit for the Northern Ireland peace process. He was lying. His colleagues are prepared to help with outing the truth of that situation. The fact Corbyn has declared he wants Labour on a permanent election footing is great news for his opponents – he can be asked again and again about his alleged role. gapes
  5. Help the Newspapers. Come down like a ton of bricks on Impress and attempts to stifle the Press.
  6. Bring Down Khan. Sadiq Khan is seen by Labour insiders as the logical inheritor of the Corbyn movement and he – unlike anyone from Labour these days – has won an election. Expose the hell out of him across his whole sordid spectrum; from the fact he wears lifts to the role his law firm is playing in assisting the worst kind of people to expand their influence.
  7. Enlist Celebs. It can’t be that hard to trump Eddie Izzard and some rap artists.

All against a backcloth of Tories listening, understanding and doing good as a government. Seek popular legislation like upping sentences for dog theft, ensuring the NHS does better this winter than last, and dealing with homelessness.

How will Corbyn be seen by the history books?

Corbyn will be seen as the hard-left Labour leader who benefited from a weak Prime Minister, austerity, a Brexit protest vote, a social media revolution the Tories were slow to pick up on and a Labour Party split by the ghost of Tony Blair. A last flash in the pan for the British hard left.

For the few not the many.

A sorry freak from one of the worst nadirs in British political history, about which so much has been tweeted, recorded and written.