Lurking Poisons


A vast mass of barely-distinguishable toxins have been milling about together in Virginia over the weekend.  Apparently, someone left the gates to the sewers open, and this lot spilled out.

But take a special look at the toxins flying the Nazi flag, as opposed to the toxins flying the Antifa flag (which was flown by the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby.)

These days, the insult “Nazi” is thrown at people for simply not wanting to be killed by lunatics, so spot the difference between the excrescences waving their Swastikas, and, for example, a Trump supporter who doesn’t want Mexican drug dealers swarming into his town, or, for another example, a UKIP supporter who doesn’t want Albanian Mafia lurking in alleys near his children’s play-park.

You get it? You see the difference? You on the far left there: now that you’ve seen what pro-Nazis actually look like, will you stop throwing the ‘N’ word about like confetti, belittling purest evil to the level of a meme of a smiling cat, in your attempts at social control?

I detest Antifa – a violent gaggle of shrieking fascists deluding themselves that they stand for social justice, while espousing most known malignancies – but they have, as an excuse (a small one, but real) that they have been told, and convince themselves, that they stand on the side of ‘good’ – at least, they do if ‘good’ is the deliberate destruction of all that stands between us and surrender to the barbarism Antifa romanticise. That delusion in itself is a by-product of those who flew the Swastika over Europe.

The toxins flying their Swastikas over Virginia have no such excuse. None whatsoever. They are wilfully channelling the lowest forms of western human life, and enjoying doing so, without any believable pretensions of ‘justice’ or ‘defence’.

Some no doubt claim otherwise – they would probably point to the months of whining provocation by ‘not-my-president’ snowflakes, who have been blowing snot-bubbles for the best part of a year because the old lady they supported wasn’t given the big job – but that’s just rubbish. They have no excuses.

The fact that they have dressed up as the most devastatingly putrid people in European history – in effect dressing as Satan, but with Zyklon B in place of hell-fire – presents one of the most sickening sights imaginable.

How dare they? How dare they fly that flag? How dare they besmirch decent people by claiming to represent them in any way? I don’t expect them to know anything of history – I doubt their collective average IQ is in triple figures – but under that flag marched Europe’s Nemesis: not only for the millions who were killed on grounds of race, or sexuality, or disability, but for the other millions who died tearing down that flag, for the children of my parents’ generation who went hungry while their fathers fought, for all those innocents who struggle, still, with a collective, unearned guilt.

Europe has never recovered from the last time that flag was followed. Germany, once seen as a romantic  land of musicians, writers and dreamers, is forever damned by it: generations later it still hangs like a vast, ugly, black-and-red shadow over them, which has led to them sacrificing their children to another brand of evil, in fear of being accused of Nazism if they resist.

Like invoking the devil, the name ‘Hitler’ is hissed at anyone who cherishes western culture – even though the pin-heads bellowing and strutting in Virginia know about as much about western culture as I know of nuclear physics.

Nazism is an unhealed wound, stitched together loosely, still an agony for Europe. How dare these little pseudo-warriors tear it open again, when the graves of half-a-million young Americans are scattered across the world, having died in the struggle to stem the flow of blood from the original cut?

Those who supported that flag – the various countries who sought justification to ride on it like parasites on a sheep’s rear – are forever condemned. How dare these creatures in Virginia, whose land doesn’t bear the scars of destroyed heritage, fly that flag now?

Looking at the clips of the toxins mingling together, claiming to oppose each other but actually unified in degrees of insanity under their differing banners of hatred, none of them speaking for anyone sane or good, I long for a brief moment of fantasy, a Game Of Thrones moment in which a mad Queen can swoop down on a CGI dragon and eviscerate the lot of them for the worthless fools they are.

Daenarys Targaryan – where are you now?