Unrequited Love



The looks were divine.

He towered tall among other men.

The magnificent physique granite like,

The fair glowing skin white as alabaster;

His eyes like two limpid pools, holding secrets,

Within their unfathomable depths.

The majestic head, encircled by raven locks,

Some falling limply on the massive forehead.

The aquiline nose, sharp as a dagger,

The firm chiseled lips, dark sensuous;

Quivering with a glint of desire.

He was an Adonis come alive,

Piercing the misty veil of antiquity;

Whiff of faraway lands, Greece, Rome,

Hemmed in by blue Mediterranean.

A chance meeting changed my life forever.

Me, an innocent fearful adolescent,

When I gazed upon him in wonder;

A flame was kindled in my heart.

The light of immaculate love & devotion,

I worshipped the ground he trod on;

Loved his smile,  his words.

I fervently prayed, that he realize

How much I adored him silently.

The poor fool that I was

I failed to tell him of my feelings.

Before I could voice my emotions,

He found his way into the arms

Of another who had desired him,

Longer and more powerfully than I did.

So he drifted away into a new life.

My sleepless pillow was mute witness,

To the storm that raged within me;

Yet there was nothing I could do.

Then… decades later I saw him again,

He had aged but his loveliness and grace;

Had ripened with the passage of time.
He was with another woman,

The first woman had wrecked his life;

Tormented him like a lowly creature.

Tired and weary he found solace;

In the new damsel who entered

The orbit of his life.

Away from curious prying eyes,

I wept tears of sorrow, dejection.

Inwardly I bade him a silent farewell,

And prayed to my  Heavenly Father;

That my love may find fulfillment,

Upon this earth, or in eternity…