Lucy Allan Reborn


Mention the name Lucy Allan to anyone a month back and no doubt they’d mention the slightly creepy Conservative MP for Telford, referring to various dark clouds hovering over her – allegations of bullying, a recorded rant and even a tale of doctored emails. Certainly, Allan did seem to be another new intake recruitment error on behalf of the Conservative Party; so intent on hiring women and going for ethnic minority candidates instead of being brave enough to shove identity politics where the sun doesn’t shine and opting for a brave policy of meritocratic hiring.

Fast forward to March 2018 and Allan seems to be proving the doubters wrong. She has finally found her feet as an MP and is actually doing something useful as the representative for Telford – an area, like Rochdale, blighted by grooming gangs comprised of vile Muslim paedophiles.

Using Twitter to cut through to the people, Lucy Allan is not beating around the bush – taking a leaf out of the Trump playbook and telling Twitter users what she really thinks:



Calling for a fundamental review of the care system and a full, independent inquiry into child abuse, grooming and exploitation in Telford, Allan is doing what Sarah Champion did too late in Rotherham. She deserves full backing by Theresa May’s government, by the police and the support of the whole nation. This problem is more than about political hues.

The facts are that in too many locations across the UK, Muslim grooming gangs, often assisted by others, are abusing and have abused Britain’s most vulnerable – our children. This is an abomination. The behaviour of animals. Meanwhile, our liberal institutions have failed time and time again to call these perpetrators Muslim, failed to recognise a perverted religious interpretation as part of the cause, and appeased perpetrators for fear of being called racist.


Good luck, Lucy. Keep up with this fight and win it – your alleged former sins will be forgiven and forgotten.