Are UK Think Tanks Waking Up?


The release of the following video by Dr Kristian Niemietz, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, explains why socialism must always lead to totalitarian government and the elimination of individual freedoms. The IEA should be congratulated for producing this content, which, albeit a tad dry and occasionally using words too complicated for 3 in 5 Brits, could well turn those tempted by a dalliance with socialism into the light and away from Pied Piper Corbyn.

Whether the IEA took its lead from the American Prager University is unknown, but for a while now Prager has been red-pilling those willing to watch its well-made videos. It has tackled some of the socialist myths like income inequality, equity serving the common good, the free market ignoring the poor, the government is an inflation fighter and so on. Here in the UK we are sorely lacking in material which can be used to counter the Marxist crap that UK university professors and Momentum activists seem to be stuffing in our kids’ heads.

For too long now well-meaning UK think tanks have been showing dinosaur symptoms. Employing laptop-tapping economics grads who, frankly, would be hard pressed to find a job in the real world, or outside of academia. Producing lengthy reports, which a handful of journalists and Ministers allege they read, and putting on seminars for the already converted. Donors have been growing restless as their money disappears down a black hole for which they get seminar invitations, a cup of tea and the occasional Custard Cream in return.

The IEA should be congratulated for its efforts as it attempts to make itself popular and, thereby, less stale and more useful. Think Tanks, as well as specialising in deep research, should be illuminating the masses, who are nowadays ready to lap up their nuggets. The digital bandwagon is there to be used and the popularity of the intellectual dark web and political e-personalities hands UK think tanks a great opportunity to counter the amateurishness and nonsense contained in JC4PM material; “to perceive truth, argue for justice and combine a disposition to preserve with an ability to improve”. (Burke)