James Delingpole


When the writer James Delingpole announced last week that he sought funds from the Great British public to help him deal with the medical costs he’d face at an American or German clinic to treat his recently-diagnosed Lyme Disease, perhaps he should have expected Twitter-dwelling lefties to come out on the side of the tick.


Perhaps Delingpole was prepared for the leftie Twitterati – who happily GoFund the scams of Skwawkbox dropout Jon Cousins aka Rachael Swindon – to be characteristically mean and vile. No-one as sound as James would expect support from that gaggle of moral relativists who attract anti-Semites and tinfoil conspiraloons. La mierda atra a las moscas.

These Twitter trolls are clearly not abreast of the dangers of Lyme Disease. Why would they be? They rarely leave their dusty attic rooms in Lewisham or Penge. On the odd occasion that they venture out into London’s green spaces they are more likely to come across a jihadi or a moped thief in Khan’s capital than a tick. The only ticks they give a damn about are the blue ones donned by the Twitter accounts of arachnids like the New European’s Mike Hind (sad but true) and the squealer himself – Owen Jones.



So it is that the Lefties clearly don’t listen when mobile phones billionaire and capitalist John Caudwell describes how Lyme Disease ruins lives: 

“Lyme disease is a devastating illness which has ruined thousands of lives across the country. In many cases it lays waste to once healthy and happy people. Symptoms often go unrecognised, meaning there are likely to be tens of thousands unknowingly walking round, bearing its burden.”

They should care. We should all care.

James has a family – a wife and kids – and behind the writing is a man who merits our support. From the point of view of conservatives, James Delingpole is one of our living warriors; willing to call out the madness of the Left and shine a light on the truth. Whether you agree with him on climate change or not, watch the video of him winding up Yasmin Alibhai Brown below and you cannot help but feel the world would be less wonderful without James around.

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, you can find James’ GoFundMe page here. Please give generously to James’ fight. When one of our own – Jamie Foster – was feeling peaky a year ago, James was one of the first to wish him well. Now the Squires wish James well. Thank you, Readers, for your generosity.