Cult Corbyn & the Kool-Aid


Pity the poor journalists who were required to attend the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool this year.

There were years when attendance at this political party’s conference was key to collecting a scoop on the Government of the day or the Government to be. Nowadays the sorry rabble of Labour MPs, activists and anti-Semites that attend are nothing more than a protest group of society’s dropouts, with about as much hope of forming the next Government as Jimmy Savile has of being canonised. The journalists that congregated in Liverpool would have got more sense out of UKIP’s party conference last week (and that was verging on insane). Roll on the champagne and caviar of the Tory conference, they will be thinking – enough of this Cult Corbyn Kool-Aid. As one journalist commented, “it’s like the Corbynites have been lobotomised and the hall has been filled with nitrous oxide”.

The Labour Party Conference of 2018 has been a veritable shambles. It’s been the Momentum conference in fact. Memorable for its whiskered transsexuals, booboos and Palestinian flag-waving:

Keir Starmer’s speech suggesting the dreadful People’s Vote would happen was soon kyboshed by the party’s Union string-pullers. A random MP called Laura – looking like she’d emerged straight from the student union bar – declared the need for a General Strike to get rid of the Tory Government but that was immediately poo-pooed by colleagues. It seems someone sound tapped her on the shoulder and pointed out to her that hardly any of the supporters of this hard-left remnant of Labour were employed anyway. Emily Thornberry made a rallying cry to unite against fascism while sharing Labour’s top table with the likes of Jeremy Corbyn who share more in common with fascists of the past than any British political leaders since Oswald Mosley (whose son Max now funds Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson’s office). Some long-haired tramp of a union leader called Tosh McDonald boasted he loathed Margaret Thatcher so much “he used to set his alarm an hour early so he could hate her for longer every day”. If she were alive today she might have told him to get a proper job and a haircut.

The bonus of such events is that the racists and extremists are all there to be photographed. For example, on Sunday, anti-Israel activist Miko Peled was inside the Labour conference with a security pass, no doubt chatting with delegates about whether the Holocaust happened or whether it was made up by “Israeli Nazis”.

In the past, those wanting to film or record such reprobates had to don anorak and snaffle clothes from a charity shop to attend closed meetings in musty community halls in Camden. Now these dangerous loons – mixing with crazed, Sharia-promulgating Islamists and bitter communists – feel confident enough to be seen out in the open alongside Jeremy Corbyn’s army of losers, enjoying the aura of magic-money-tree-socialist-heroine and longing for the (imaginary) day that “den of Jewish bankers” Goldman Sachs closes its doors for the last time in the City of London.

When this hard left and extremist bunch of charlatans – daring to sport the same colours as Clement Attlee and Denis Healey – are annihilated by the British electorate at the next General Election, when Brexit is off the table as a subject and immune from protest votes, they will scuttle away to hide back under their stones and we will know who they are. We will know the paid refuges Corbyn placers have built for themselves in women’s networks, across the unions, in environmental charities and – hilariously – anti-racist bodies. We will know their role in Corbyn’s traitorous planned revolution and there will be some joy to be derived from watching them return, in the Great British meritocracy, to their sad lives of closed Facebook groups and inconsequence.

Of course there will be some loose ends to tie up. What about all those companies making money harvesting Labour data? Making money for and from these Communists? The antisemitism is a crime and will need prosecuting – examples need to be made. They too need the spotlight of truth.

From the Welsh AM candidates demanding to expropriate property to the MPs cheering on calls for a General Strike, to the IS supporters joining Momentum in Luton, to the Russophiles working in Corbyn’s office – enjoy the party while it lasts, of Hard Left of Labour delusions. Or should we just call you Momentum now? Like an N2O high, this freakish spike for the Trots will soon end in nausea. Great Britain knows the likes of Lansman, Corbyn and McDonnell only too well. Just that in the past our ancestors had the benefit of dealing with these enemies of our country on the end of bayonets.