The Queen lead guitarist Brian May has taken a bit of grief on the pages of this magazine. However, in the interests of fairness and gentlemanliness, today Brian could do with our help. And’s it the right thing to do to help him.

The legendary guitarist and songwriter told talkRADIO the BBC is refusing to play any charity record except the BBC’s Children in Need one as he claimed his latest charity song to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness was also rejected by the broadcasters. The BBC has however rejected the allegations, with a spokeswoman saying: “Brian May’s ‘I’m A Woman’ has been played on Radio 2, plus he was a guest on Radio 2’s Michael Ball’s show where he talked about it. And there’s no ban on charity singles across our stations.” Brian May told radio host Kevin O’Sullivan: “BBC Radio 2 refuses to play any charity record except for the BBC Children in Need one.”

Breast Cancer Awareness is a fine cause that needs the support of us all. Brian’s song is a jolly good one. You can listen to it and watch the song video here: