Where did the Hard Left Go?


Where most saw a pensioner of unremarkable intellect or image, Corbynites saw a man of almost mystical significance, and if the support for his new project is anything to go by, the significance hasn’t waned.

The launch video that sees him wax ineloquently about social justice issues feels like a call back to 90s televangelism; indeed, the website tells us what Corbyn is too shy to on camera: this peace comes at a price and the choice to make it a monthly one comes ready ticked.

The young energy of Momentum that so often expressed itself in political thuggery is thankfully nowhere to be seen in this new iteration. Instead, we get a tired man reeling off the greatest hits of the worst government that never was: socialism, social justice and climate activism to name but a few. Is this just a venture for malodorous Marxists to live out their fantasies of being relevant, or are more malevolent machinations at work?

Kerry-Anne Mandoza, crank-at-large of The Canary and a close ally of Corbyn, recently tweeted that she hopes the Project for Peace and Justice will win an election in 2024 – stop laughing, those at the back. Even if Corbyn has set his sights further than his nave and is planning a new political party, the likelihood of his kind of politics gaining power is nigh impossible. Like Islamism, the far-left is sundered by wars on ideological purity and peppered by bearded nuts.

One person who doesn’t meet the purity test of The Canary is Owen Jones, and those who haven’t yet deserted him will be pleased to hear that his piercing insights are now available on YouTube.  He may have miscalculated Corbyn’s chances of becoming leader of the opposition, and miscalculated them again at him forming a government, but he seems to have correctly calculated his own at getting another contract should his Guardian one not be renewed,  hence the Owen Jones Show.

In print he’s hellfire, in person he’s a pygmy. The Owen Jones interviews take the form of a swooning fangirl meeting their hero for the very first time, his questions almost inaudible from a voice conflicted with fear and wonder. How quieter our political life may have been if his heroes were confined to the typically gay ones of Shirley Bassey or Cher. As it happens, it’s Chomsky, and in Owen’s latest video he spends an hour picking the 92-year-old’s brain on how to deal with his perennial enemy: the neoliberal. Welcome to HELL, folks.

Someone apparently unscathed from the Corbyn saga is the socialist starlet of Novara Media, Ash Sarkar. Far from compromising her career, Corbyn provided a showcase for her talents, such as they are. On screen she’ll banter with right wing politicos, behind it she’ll trawl through their articles hoping to find something with which to destroy them. Despite seeing what it has done to her friend Owen Jones, Miss Sarkar lives her life like a woman who doesn’t believe in karma.

Sun Tzu told us to divide our enemy. Well, they are already divided. Still, conservatives should keep watch on these so-called ‘New Media’ far-left channels. If for nothing else than to relish them tearing at each other’s throats. It’s often better than watching mixed martial arts, and Sky Sports is restricted by Ofcom, after all.

James Bembridge is Deputy Editor of Country Squire Magazine.