Dear Editor,

I read with interest Frank Haviland’s article ‘Last Man Standing’ and agree with almost every word. Haviland is a talented and brave writer. However, I simply cannot agree with his conclusion that, “through their insistence that identity is a social construct, the Left have trained us all not to notice anything; and so we no longer do”.

As a mixed-race lady, I am increasingly annoyed by television advertisements which almost all now include Black or Asian actors. I don’t mind the odd ad but why so many now? How are they representative of the UK population?

While black UK citizens, with African and/or African-Caribbean ancestry, are the largest ethnic minority population, they represent a mere 3 percent of the total UK population. Asian Indians are the next biggest at just 2.3 percent. I have talked to others about these TV commercials, and they too are ever more perplexed. My son commented, “If a tourist switched on the television they would think they were on a Nigerian channel.”

We all know the BBC is race bigoted. Memorably its Radio 1 trainee scheme was open to people who are not white. As for Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show this week and the comments about no whites among the thirty at Prince Philip’s funeral, I was gobsmacked. I always thought of Vine as one of the more wise and mature presenters. Maybe he was just generating a publicity storm.

Which brings me back to my own mixed-race identity…

As part Anglo and part Saxon, I feel we Anglo Saxons are not represented enough across mainstream media these days. It is time that this changed. Despite Haviland’s conclusion, we are noticing and however much people try to train us, I am afraid we are going to carry on noticing.  

Yours faithfully,

Rosemary Carter, Somerset