Choosing Your Horse

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS The deal was done, money was exchanged, hands were shaken and Charlie was loaded onto the trailer. The family had done their homework on finding an appropriate pony for their child, in size, temperament, training and experience. On the face of it, it was an ideal match. The dealer was well known, certainly in England, probably in Britain, maybe even overseas. … Continue reading Choosing Your Horse

Heavyweight Not Overweight

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS The horse caught my eye simply by the way it was standing. There was something about its demeanour that seemed off. There was no back leg resting, the head wasn’t lowered and the ears were pinned. Furthermore the horse was tilting slightly backwards to remove the weight off its front legs. This wasn’t a horse at rest, no snoozing was occurring … Continue reading Heavyweight Not Overweight

Motorbikes & Horses

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS Horses are complicated animals, very complicated. Less complicated to an expert perhaps, but only after years of dedication, observation, gaining knowledge and working around them does an expert understand equine behaviour and psychology. In this respect a novice has no clue to the complexities of the equine brain. To a person that has no knowledge of horses whatsoever they must seem … Continue reading Motorbikes & Horses