America is BIG

BY ALEX STORY With all eyes focused on COVID and its associated costs in lives and treasure, another much more deadly and morbid affliction threatens to sink our world. Obesity and its prevalence have risen over decades to become something close to the norm. The Centre of Disease Control in the United States tells us that 42.4% of Americans suffer from the condition. In 2016 … Continue reading America is BIG

The Pursuit of Happiness

BY ALEX STORY It is often said that the genius of America’s founding fathers was to have crystallised the essence of life on earth by defining three unalienable rights: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Had they declared that every man, woman and child had the right “to happiness” rather than its pursuit, their declaration would have been dismissed as a Utopian document of … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

The Great Reset

BY ALEX STORY Sometimes the world moves in an unexpected direction. When it does, there isn’t much an individual can do about it. Indeed, 2020 will be remembered as the defining year of the 21st century. For many, the year started with resolutions, few of which lasted much beyond their pronouncements. However, soon, everything changed. Having heard the distant drums of another flu from China … Continue reading The Great Reset