Patriotism is a Beautiful Thing

BY ALEX STORY Patriotism is a beautiful thing. It is even more so when it is natural and spontaneous. The Jubilee gave most who are free from political motivations the opportunity to bathe shamelessly in the warm and comfortable waters of our rich inheritance. On one level, we celebrated the person of the Queen; on another, the Great British family, of which we are all … Continue reading Patriotism is a Beautiful Thing

The Conspiracy Theorists

BY ALEX STORY Rare were the occasions when the term “conspiracy theory” was used. Only a few years ago, conspiracies were whispered between last orders, a brawl and a trip to the kebab van, around the corner from the pub. Three such “Conspiracies” stood out: Firstly, Neil Armstrong never actually landed on the Moon in 1969. He and his colleagues in fact, the theory stated, … Continue reading The Conspiracy Theorists

The Common Sense Vaccine

BY ALEX STORY Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, said during a Downing Street Press Conference last week: “We must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu” The vaccine of common sense was thus injected into England’s veins. In so doing the country stepped out of the COVID tsunami and climbed to sunnier and clearer peaks. With the skies ahead clear … Continue reading The Common Sense Vaccine

The CSM Weight Loss Challenge 2022

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE I have long suspected that New Year’s resolutions are merely a means to distract people from their otherwise dull and insipid lives. So, it came as no surprise when my Editor, Dom Wightman, told me he intended to make one himself. Finding these resolutions about as stimulating as a Coleen Nolan tabloid ‘tell-all’, I soon lost interest in the conversation and replied … Continue reading The CSM Weight Loss Challenge 2022

The Key to Everything

BY ALEX STORY The bell tolled for western civilisation on the 1st of July 2007. Some people will point to financiers. After all, they sold competence and instead delivered the Great Financial Disaster of 2008. The last was followed by a never ending tidal wave of Governmental incontinence, destroying trust and value in the process. Others will finger politicians across the decades for mistaking personal for … Continue reading The Key to Everything

Fine Wines, Meats & Cornucopia

BY ALEX STORY Each generation has its own challenges. That is reflected in the phrases we use. For instance, going “over the top” meant different things to our forefathers than it does to us. For many today, it means an extra helping of chips followed by another three extra scoops of ice-cream, all washed down with some claret. Having “gone over the top” a great … Continue reading Fine Wines, Meats & Cornucopia

The Pursuit of Happiness

BY ALEX STORY It is often said that the genius of America’s founding fathers was to have crystallised the essence of life on earth by defining three unalienable rights: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Had they declared that every man, woman and child had the right “to happiness” rather than its pursuit, their declaration would have been dismissed as a Utopian document of … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

The Great Reset

BY ALEX STORY Sometimes the world moves in an unexpected direction. When it does, there isn’t much an individual can do about it. Indeed, 2020 will be remembered as the defining year of the 21st century. For many, the year started with resolutions, few of which lasted much beyond their pronouncements. However, soon, everything changed. Having heard the distant drums of another flu from China … Continue reading The Great Reset