Treason For No Reason

BY ANDREW MOODY There was a genuine and cunning intelligence behind Punk’s explosion in the mid 1970s and in particular Malcolm McLaren’s brainchild The Sex Pistols. “(He) wanted to provoke the state,” wrote Punk journalist Jon Savage, “in the way the Yippies or the Baeder/Meinhof gang had done.” Guitarist Steve Jones commented years after the fact: “I was a miserable sod deep inside…. It came … Continue reading Treason For No Reason

They All Love Jack

BY ANDREW MOODY The mystery of Jack the Ripper’s true identity has lasted well over a century. Numerous suspects, including (the incorrect) Victorian artist Walter Sickert have had their day in court (in lengthy, poorly researched, histrionic books) but finally, in a mammoth 850 page work of heroic non-fiction, Withnail and I director Bruce Robinson has gotten to the bottom of this grimy tale. He’s … Continue reading They All Love Jack

Jackie Brown

BY ANDREW MOODY According to most biographies of legendary auteur Quentin Tarantino, he lost his virginity late, in his mid-twenties, and didn’t have his first girlfriend until pre-production of his indie classic Reservoir Dogs. This (presumably unbearable) sexual frustration, coupled with his intense academic approach to pop culture, goes part of the way in explaining the typically bodacious violence that characterises his body of work. … Continue reading Jackie Brown

American Beauty Post Spacey

BY ANDREW MOODY Back in 1999, during post-production of his Oscar winning American Beauty, Sam Mendes showed the final cut to legendary director Stephen  Spielberg. As it ended, with tears in his eyes, Spielberg turned to Mendes and proclaimed: “You’ve created an American masterpiece…” Twenty years later, with the disgrace of lead actor Kevin Spacey, Spielberg’s words fall remarkably flat. What now comes across when … Continue reading American Beauty Post Spacey


BY ANDREW MOODY Nearly twenty years ago, Australian cinema threw up a prison masterpiece inspired by the bestselling memoirs of legendary murderer Mark Brandon, “Chopper” Read. A terrifying, if rather charming chap, well over six feet, covered in prison tattoos and noticeably lacking in ears, Read delighted in his jailhouse celebrity well before he was a famous writer. Chopper still allegedly holds the record for … Continue reading Chopper


BY ANDREW MOODY The left, or rather the anti-democrats, are losing, and come Halloween and Britain’s exit from the EU, they will have lost. Meanwhile, thanks be to God for Titania McGrath (AKA satirist Andrew Doyle) and her magnificent polemic WOKE, which turns the tables on the MSM culture of outrage with all its immaturity and illogicality. Titania, an upper middle class social justice warrior … Continue reading Woke


BY ANDREW MOODY During the second Gulf War, celebrity filmmaker Brian De Palma (a millionaire many times over) made a snuff film called Redacted, designed to sabotage the allied war effort. I call it a snuff film because it includes stolen military photographs of dead Iraqi citizens at the close. Suspiciously rated 15 in the UK, not only does the film unsuccessfully attempt to blame … Continue reading Redacted

Game of Drones

BY ANDREW MOODY I’ve never seen a show self-sabotage itself quite the way Game of Thrones managed to do in its unwatchable final season, pleasing nobody and upsetting millions. Sad to see such promise let national identity politics define what was initially ground-breaking. After the dust from the belly flop has ended its first round (and the whispers begin), I realise that few are even … Continue reading Game of Drones