The Racism Deception

BY PAUL NEWALL How division has been created where little existed before … My first experience of racism was when I was around ten or eleven. I had been sent to the local chippy for a treat night chippy tea on a Friday. As I approached the Chinese that was close to us, I saw two guys, I perceived them at the time as men … Continue reading The Racism Deception

Anti Racists being Racist?

BY FRANK HAVILAND Say what you want about the Black Lives Matter movement, but it has undeniably been effective. With everyone from world leaders to Joe Public terrified of getting off their knees, the unoppressed are now demanding reparations from the unoppressing. In the space of a month, far from being one of the most tolerant nations on earth, Britain has become so ‘racist’ that … Continue reading Anti Racists being Racist?