The Racism Deception


How division has been created where little existed before …

My first experience of racism was when I was around ten or eleven. I had been sent to the local chippy for a treat night chippy tea on a Friday. As I approached the Chinese that was close to us, I saw two guys, I perceived them at the time as men but in retrospect they were older teenagers, daubing a slogan on the side wall of the chippy “F*** off home chinky c**ts” As they finished, they slapped the paint brush into an open can of paint and then walked around the corner into the establishment for “half and half” chips, rice and curry. This episode puzzled me, so much so that I waited until my Mum was out of the room and relayed the experience to my Dad, four letter words and all. He shrugged his shoulders and after some thought said, “Idiots lad, they can’t make their minds up if they hate Chinese or love Chinese food”. My Dad had already made up his mind, he hated foreign food but couldn’t care less about those that made it.

During the 1980’s the National Front had a growth spurt in the North West of England with my home town being a shining example of recruitment having around 150 members out of a population of around thirty thousand people so even at its height racist ideology wasn’t that popular but it worried the dramatic teen that I had become enough to join the Militant Tendency of the Labour Party and to march with the Anti-Nazi League, which at the time was a left wing umbrella movement but since has become populated solely by the Socialist Worker’s Party. I embraced Trotskyism and saw myself as part of the vanguard to fight against the racist foe.

The reality was a Don Quixote phenomenon. We were the minority that wanted to fight the fascists while the rest of society just ignored the web-fingered bigots. The majority were spot on, they just ostracised the knuckle draggers because they were dull and stupid, and this is the reality of how racism was defeated by 1980’s Britain. They didn’t get talked to, get invited to parties or get to cop off with the more pulchritudinous members of the opposite sex because they were dull bores.

When I left Militant in 1989/90 I still held left of centre views, but racism had disappeared off my radar. There was still the occasional oddball who raised his head above the parapet but in general people accepted people in the spirit of Martin Luther King. We assessed the content of their character not the colour of their skin. If someone was horrid then they were horrid and skin tone didn’t come into it.

Everything changed in the mid 1990’s and turned nasty in 1997 with the arrival of Tony Blair as PM. In the twinkling of a magic wand the whole of our society suddenly became systemically racist – the police, the working class ……in fact you name it ….  racist.

In the 24 years since the Blair creature (chapeau to Peter Hitchens for that description), a whole race industry has grown out of the seeds planted by that corrupt administration. Labour dominated councils in urban areas, grossly misspent money on vanity projects and fanciful initiatives, but neglected doing what they were being paid for. Education and policing lost their way and the practical upshot was the creation of urban wildernesses where employment was sparse and bedrocks of society like marriage – even stable relationships – became non-existent. The biggest victims of this neglect were non-whites, but every race suffered to some degree as society crumbled. Instead of a mea culpa from the postmodernists and Labourites we got the cry of “the white man dunnit”. That was just a handy lie for which Labour should never be forgiven.

In London, Birmingham, Manchester and other large conurbations, black and brown communities have been abandoned by the police, by educational services and by the NHS and they have been allowed to fall into the hands of criminal gangs and the results are heart breaking. Black teenagers are stabbing and shooting each other at an alarming rate and the police stand idly by having been told that it’s racist to take knives off people. The same phenomena has been experienced on a greater scale stateside in Chicago and New York – greater because of the availability of firearms.

On the back of mass murder, social decay and civilisational decline, the true dividers – the leftists – have told us that we need to give a “leg up” to non-whites because they suffer institutional racism and well ….they aren’t very bright and can’t do it on their own. If you think I’m over egging the pudding, Joe Biden is on record saying that blacks can’t use the Internet…… not racist at all.

Our Government has created a huge gravy train and the corporations have jumped on board using positive discrimination (known as affirmative action in the US) to hire and promote non-whites regardless of qualifications. And if you think that this doesn’t create animosity then imagine if the BBC advertised for only white candidates instead of just black ones as it currently does. Every corporation and public service has diversity and inclusion departments who act as advocates for ethnic minorities and homosexuals – this article could have been written about gay rights in much the same terms. If one group is given advantage over another then how could one possibly think that the disadvantaged group wouldn’t get riled?

Diane Abbott famously talked about the colonialist whites playing divide and conquer. Well they probably did but tell me the difference now? Some politicians have talked about reparations for slavery – in other words they want people who didn’t benefit from slavery to pay money to people who have never been enslaved.

Postmodernism requires having different groups to be fighting like ferrets in a sack for the fracturing of society to work. It’s a destructive ideology.

What attracted me about Trotskyism was the uniting factor in being working class – that we could take on the elites and create a classless society. It was a pipe dream but what a nice thought. Instead what we have is a divided society that can’t unite to fend off globalist elites and that’s exactly what they want.

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.