Australia on the Verge of Massive Mistake

BY ROGER WATSON I am not Australian and what happens there is probably none of my business. But that won’t stop me having an opinion and expressing it. I have had a long love affair with Australia having worked there, and with many relatives residing there I have made countless visits. There has been an Aussie branch to my family for as long as I … Continue reading Australia on the Verge of Massive Mistake

Cool Burning

BY JOHN NASH Australia experienced a terrifying Black Summer in 2019/20, when massive bush fires burned some 35 million acres, destroyed an estimated 3 billion vertebrates (perhaps driving a number to extinction), wrecked scores of irreplaceable rock paintings, wiped out 3000 buildings and, sadly, 47 people died. The tragedy may have cost Australia as much as A$80 billion. Now research has revealed the cause of … Continue reading Cool Burning