Woke Police are Pathetic

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Far left-wing extremists and their contrived agendas appear to be one continuous, long-flowing and toxic river of hypocrisy. On the day extremists were observing social distancing rules by playing dead in the road outside the home of Dominic Cummings, in protest at his minor misdemeanour over Covid-19 rules to protect his children, another bunch of left-wing extremists were fighting … Continue reading Woke Police are Pathetic

The Class Ceiling

BY GARY MCGHEE Mind your heads oiks, the Class Ceiling has lowered. Some ‘Arts Report’ produced by research Sociologists at Edinburgh University looking into the under-representation of groups in the Arts/Media was knocked out recently and titled ‘Where are the working class people?’ (We’re where we’ve been for a long time, Ophelia darling, at the back of the queue for the plum jobs and opportunities.) … Continue reading The Class Ceiling