Woke Police are Pathetic


Far left-wing extremists and their contrived agendas appear to be one continuous, long-flowing and toxic river of hypocrisy. On the day extremists were observing social distancing rules by playing dead in the road outside the home of Dominic Cummings, in protest at his minor misdemeanour over Covid-19 rules to protect his children, another bunch of left-wing extremists were fighting the police shoulder to shoulder in London and ignoring lockdown altogether.

So what happened to the lay down and die protest? Did they next day join their fellow white middle-class socialist chums in their shoulder to shoulder fight with the Old Bill?

You can tell how brainwashed these activists are by their zombie-like chanting. Those Marxist refuges in Britain’s educational system have kept these outliers ill-informed and subservient to their communist and anti capitalist cause. All the useful idiots could chant was “You’re a racist” on a continuous loop. Well, factor this into your brainwashed tiny minds, protesters, powerful black families also played their part in the slave trade and did very nicely out of it, thank you very much. How did you think they got the slaves from the interior of Africa?

“Mr. Rafiq’s great-great-great-grandfather, Mwarukere, from the Segeju ethnic group, raided villages in Tanzania’s hinterland, sold the majority of his captives to the Arab merchants who supplied Europeans and kept the rest as laborers on his own coconut plantations”

Of course, two wrongs don’t make a right. There weren’t many signs about modern day slavery on display though were there? Modern slavery is dominated not by whites but by BAME protagonists.

The BBC was being as one-sided as ever. “Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen”, wrote  George Orwell.  His statue stands outside the BBC, though plainly most of the “journalists” working there do not care to notice. Maybe they will wake up when the Defunding campaign starts to bite.

The speed with which the historical revisionists mobilised across the country thanks to a lack of truth-telling by the MSM has been terrifying and will have left many who do not agree feeling helpless; not least because the costs of speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement have been made unbearably high, so no one is coming to the rescue.

Police inaction is the worst thing we have witnessed this last fortnight and has only amplified problems. History has shown us how extremism only gets worse through appeasement as extremists simply increase their demands with every inch gained. Boris is not helping himself either – during the riots he was tweeting about the environment. That’s his prerogative, but he really ought to keep Carrie away from his mobile if he doesn’t want to infuriate his core vote who delivered him into Downing Street. Even Tony Blair cleaned up the animal rights extremists with 184 arrests taking out the ring-leaders and leaving behind police infiltrators.

Look how well appeasement works – these thugs are now targeting statues countrywide. Would that happen if police had waded in batons drawn, instead of hiding because those with criminal intent might get hurt?

More importantly, a clean-up operation – sweeping these protesters off the streets – would have sent a positive message of hope to the countryside that the police are not actually on the side of this tiny minority of left-wing idiots, despite appearances through actions such as ‘bending the knee’.

The police turning a blind eye to vandalism and rigorously supporting every left-wing cause currently being targeted at the countryside working community, as they appear to do now, is a recipe for future disaster, possibly in the form of vigilante groups, as appears to be happening now on the statue front. Many decent people are currently under extreme pressure from left-wing extremists who smear and slander their businesses causing loss of income, pain, suffering, misery and fear. In only the last few weeks that we know of:

  • A children’s nursery targeted, this harassment reported to the police, so far nothing sorted.
  • A corvid bird exchange group harassed and bullied, reported to police, nothing done.
  • The same group target a Golf club, the police just want the problem to go away.
  • Gareth Wyn Jones, the well-known welsh farmer who appears frequently on the BBC, had his gate locks smashed twice in two weeks so animals that are kept apart for good reason got mixed up. There are no rights of way on Gareth’s land but he allows access and maintains the stiles himself. This was reported to the police, you can bet nothing comes of it.
  • Meat 4 U, a Nottingham-based butcher, was targeted by extremists just last month.
  • Even an animal and plant NGO has been targeted with harassment and bullying, they asked groups and charities to denounce this behaviour, there has been no queue for that particular request, they all rely on these kinds of publicity-generating acts of criminality as their means to generate funding.

Boris needs to allow Priti Patel to reform the police, and fast. Many of those working for the force are desperate for change. Sweep out the woke and insert effective police who arrest genuine perpetrators rather than cowardly going after low-hanging fruit. Fund them and train them properly. Get Common Purpose fools out of the police and sack the likes of Dick who are an embarrassment to the force. Meanwhile, deal with genuine threats to our nation’s law and order – like these protesters – and understand the growing differences between woke urbanites and the increasingly furious countryside. There is a growing feeling that if you are woke you can disobey lockdown – if you are traditionalist, you’ll get arrested for popping out to buy fish and chips. Sort it out!