The LGBTQBBC Website

BY ROBERT TRIBE There was a day not long ago when you could visit the BBC website and read the news. You could scroll down the UK and World news stories knowing that they had been written by some leftist but safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t take that much deciphering to get through to the facts. Back in the good old days even … Continue reading The LGBTQBBC Website

Inexcusably Inaccurate: BBC News

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Well Fake News is certainly making the, erm, news lately, isn’t it? In an extraordinary press conference last week (a conference which, if nothing else, showed that the next four years will certainly not be devoid of amusement), US President Elect Donald Trump didn’t just level the charge at Buzzfeed (I don’t know them either), he also called into question the veracity … Continue reading Inexcusably Inaccurate: BBC News