The LGBTQBBC Website


There was a day not long ago when you could visit the BBC website and read the news. You could scroll down the UK and World news stories knowing that they had been written by some leftist but safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t take that much deciphering to get through to the facts.

Back in the good old days even the headlines on the BBC website told the news and you could get a grip of facts within a few sentences if you knew the code-words – “the MCB claims” was always a good way to gauge what the Islamist lunatics wanted. “Blair defends” revealed Tony Blair’s latest crimes against Britain. You knew “Salmond dodges” was a story about Putin, Ladbrokes or yet another SNP failure in government. With the Internet only a decade old, there was still that frisson of overriding novelty; of clicking on a website where you could see the planet’s headlines real-time. That made up for the spelling errors and the Ceefax upgrade feel of the website.

I used to enjoy going to the BBC website. I’d go there just before breakfast with a cup of tea. Although the news back then was grim – featuring endless soldier deaths and Wooton Bassett before it became Royal – clicking around the site for five minutes was a daily pleasure. Knowing the score in that Carling Cup second-leg match was useful when your pals talked football later on in the pub.

Now what do you get?

Blokes throating blokes. Transsexuals and drag queens grinning at your computer screen. Stories about “what it means to be white”, “the black princess who took on a white world” and “a dozen things you should know about the vagina”.

I am 80 years old. The last thing my angina needs is a vagina.

Some poor mugs pay their licence fee to witness that dross. I want to enjoy my morning cuppa at six o’clock with our terrier snuggled up by my feet – all I want to do is read the news. The last thing I want to see is lads snogging. Thirty years ago I might have appreciated the odd photo of a lesbian kiss, but this rainbow crap that is being thrust on us by our national broadcaster is just not on. I, like most people, let people get on with how they want to get on. I don’t need daily reminders of this tiny minority’s eccentricities, which I frankly don’t care about and which my late half-brother, so I am told by woke people, fought a world war to set free.

Then what the hell has happened to the sports section of the BBC website?

“Man City thrash Liverpool” is an attractive headline in the sports section. I didn’t know they were playing – so I click on that. It’s a report about a women’s match, watched by one butch lass and her rescue lurcher at some run-down stadium in Eccles. I don’t want to waste my limited time on earth reading that. Then another headline catches my eye – “Cockcroft takes gold with world record”. I think I have heard of Cockcroft – he’s that swimmer, isn’t he? – so I click on that and I’m greeted by the smiley face of a lady in a wheelchair who has just won her fifth consecutive T34 100m title at the World Para-Athletics Championships. Damn – mental note – next time remember it’s Adam Peaty! Do I care about wheelchair sport? Really? No, I don’t give a monkey’s about it, to be honest. I heard my grandson got 367 at Google Doodle Cricket last week and I wouldn’t care a jot about that even though he suffers from astigmatism. It’s not real sport is it? Where are the headings saying “women’s sport” or “wheelchair racing” before you waste your time clicking on the links?

Another bloody annoying feature of the BBC Sports website is the predominance given to the rusty old FA Cup. Now that Sky and BT have all the choice sports coverage, the BBC has been left with the scraps – bowls and the FA Cup. Forget the bowls – that’s played by tank-top wearing wazzocks. It’s the FA Cup that gets promoted the hell out of between October and May – rubbish goals from teams like Billericay and Maidenhead promoted as “super strikes”, “brilliant” and “incredible” as if Leicester Manager Brendan Rodgers is writing the headlines – Rodgers tends to describe his teams’ near-misses as “brilliant” and “wonderful” as if he’s suffering from optimism dysentery. Now let’s all be honest – the FA Cup used to be incredible. It held a place of importance in the national psyche and was admired around the world. Nowadays it’s an also-ran competition in the shadow of the mighty Premiership. In a congested season, managers like Klopp puts the kids out for the FA Cup and often the peculiar results that the competition heralds reflect the indifference of its participants.

I am told I can personalise the BBC website. I have tried. Still the lads snog and the transsexuals pop up on my screen as the BBC Website LGBTQ officer clearly has it in for us all – even octogenarians. Still these wretched stories which demarcate us for colour and gender appear – why divide us, BBC? So I am as good as done with the BBC Website. Political correctness was just about bearable but the cancer of identity politics has killed off what good was left in the Beeb and its website has become a mirror of its inevitable post-Brexit break-up and demise.

Robert Tribe is a civil engineer and pensioner from Carlisle.