A Rare Breed

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN The Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breeds list comprises over 30 breeds of dog native to the British Isles that are at risk of dying out. Their original countryside purposes may be diminished, they may not be considered ‘cool’, but these good-natured breeds deserve greater fame. So, in the spirit of the recent Crufts 2022, if you are thinking about a new four-legged … Continue reading A Rare Breed

Rest in Peace, Schneider

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I’ve always been of the mind that dogs are angels with tails. On Tuesday one such angel – which gutless humans maltreated and turned into a biter – was put to sleep beside me on a vet’s surgery stone floor. Across Britain an army of volunteers care for badly treated dogs and other animals. They are unsung heroes. Often their selflessness is … Continue reading Rest in Peace, Schneider