Shanbhag of Bengaluru

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA In these troubled times of pandemic, when mourning for the departed has become a painful feature of our lives, we had to come to terms with the loss of our very dear Mr Shanbhag, an institution for the bibliophiles of Bengaluru. Mr Shanbhag was the owner of Premier bookstore located in the prime area of Church Street in a street corner … Continue reading Shanbhag of Bengaluru

Locked Down in India

BY RAMA KASHYAP The news of the deadly virus spreading its tentacles all over the globe started trickling in to Chandigarh from January last year, creating fear amongst the people in the country. The reality hit us really hard when the nationwide lockdown was imposed¬†on March 24¬†bringing life to a standstill. It was an exceptionally tough period marked by panic and anxiety, not just in … Continue reading Locked Down in India