Smoke & Mirrors Mask the Brexit Deal

THE CITY GRUMP General reaction to the last minute Brexit deal has been along the lines of “Bless my soul. They all said Boris would fail but, lo and behold, he has pulled it off”. No more ECJ rulings, no more customs union and free trade here we come. Unfurl the Union Jack, we have taken back control. Not so fast. By now, courtesy of … Continue reading Smoke & Mirrors Mask the Brexit Deal

The City will be Fine

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Another dinner party. Another Remoaner over-refreshed courtesy of a paddling pool quantity of Sauvignon Blanc… this time the remoaning rant concerning the “imminent destruction” of the City of London because of Brexit. I confess that of late I’ve been having some rather bad luck with dinner parties. Back in July I attended a dinner in Hampshire at which some remoaner complained that … Continue reading The City will be Fine


BY JAMES CAMPBELL You will have heard the term ‘passporting’ a great deal in the media of late.  The concept is not easy to understand for those not involved in the policy work and there is much dispute about its importance to UK-based businesses.  There has been some welcome clarification in a letter from Andrew Bailey (Chief Executive, Financial Conduct Authority) in a letter to … Continue reading Passporting