Clintons Dump On Haiti: Part 1

BY MIKE SULLIVAN As a freelance writer from Bangkok, I travelled to Haiti on a dark day in May of 2016, six years after the earthquake. I agreed to meet Haitian activist and lawyer Jameson Henry at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince. I usually don’t travel half way around the world on a lark. Why couldn’t we conduct business over the phone? I asked … Continue reading Clintons Dump On Haiti: Part 1

Rock & Hard Place – The Clintons

BY MIKE TOWERS Whether Hillary Clinton wins or not on Tuesday, it seems evident that the Democratic Party see her now as merely a get-over-the-line candidate. Whether it’s failing health or one of many brewing scandals that does for her, she hardly appears to have the necessary wind in her sails to last more than part of one term as President. This would leave her … Continue reading Rock & Hard Place – The Clintons