Along The River

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Slowly knotting roses into my hair as I sat in the sun when You quietly slid behind me and put Your hand on my waist, startling me, the sharp intake of breath because I could feel You. I turned savouring the feeling of Your hand sliding around my waist. It was the light radiating from You ~ or was it the Sun … Continue reading Along The River

Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

BY JIM BROWNE I have always wondered if sightings of Big Cats in the countryside were real or the result of excitable folk in need of an optician’s appointment mistaking house-moggies for tigers and leopards. I mean, it’s easy enough to make mistakes. On a foggy day, our neighbour in her furry white coat looks like a polar bear. At night, I often mistake the … Continue reading Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?