Understand Money

BY CRYPTO To understand the real importance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin you should first understand money. The only way to create real material wealth is to take raw materials, labour and knowledge and combine them in to real things that are useful to humans like buildings, vehicles, furniture, companies, tools and so on. Consumable items, fuel etc. are only considered wealth until they are consumed … Continue reading Understand Money

Long Live the Enlightenment

BY CRYPTO I’m not just anti-Islam, I’m anti all religions. I see them as propaganda engines that encourage the worst type of relativistic thinking – the same relativistic thinking that led to every dictatorship in human history. Exploiting people’s primal fears to control them is far from novel. The enlightenment freed us from that horror show and we’d be insane to let it slip away. … Continue reading Long Live the Enlightenment

Why the Hysteria?

BY CRYPTO Humans are essentially tribal, people with similar traits and beliefs group together. You can see this played out on the Internet every day. It’s very clear. Ancient humans understood this early on and realised if you can set the base axioms for a group, the narrative, i.e. answer the mother of all questions, what’s the meaning of life. Then you can control and … Continue reading Why the Hysteria?