Why the Hysteria?


Humans are essentially tribal, people with similar traits and beliefs group together. You can see this played out on the Internet every day. It’s very clear.

Ancient humans understood this early on and realised if you can set the base axioms for a group, the narrative, i.e. answer the mother of all questions, what’s the meaning of life. Then you can control and manipulate that group to the significant personal benefit of an elite minority.

Answering the meaning of life question is the one that’s going to get you the most followers as that’s the one question literally everyone wants an answer to.

All organised religions work like this as does democracy. Democracy is simply the system that takes the longest to fail, but, in time, it does. It’s reassuring that the best system does seem to take the longest to fail, that suggests humans are inherently good, or at least want to be.

The US constitution was an attempt to fix democracy, but again socialist thinking (basically trying to shift the original founding fathers’ narrative through Wilson and others) has got traction again with the inevitable outcome of a bloated state and everyone hooked on fiat money and debt. Well done America for taxing your citizens when they don’t even live there!

The American dream is just a narrative to convert you to materialistic consumerism.

Socialism has destroyed the nuclear family, and yet that’s the real dream, that one’s pre-programmed in your DNA.

All narrative control relies on being able to restrict the flow of information. Obviously the “elites” get to control the good information and drip-feed the garbage and deliberate misinformation to the rest.

There is nothing wrong with elites per se, there is a great deal wrong with elites whose members are not meritocratically selected.

One extremely critical point is that if you can disrupt a people’s ability to use critical thinking (and in recent times that would be scientific-method-backed critical thinking) then you can create a very nasty feedback loop that keeps people literally mentally enslaving themselves.

This is most pronounced in the religion of Islam. You can test this easily by just asking any Muslim if it’s possible that god might not exist. Of course you can’t possibly know that, and many will stake their life on the answer.

Once you have locked yourself in subjective reasoning, you can only release yourself with objectivity, which of course, by now, you lack.

Now add some rules that compel you to use violence on anyone that does not subscribe to your cult, i.e. assimilate or die. Well for me – a freethinking critical thinker – that seems like an actual zombie apocalypse.

Now insert followers of that culture into one that’s been taught to show respect for each other and not use violence and what do you think’s going to happen?

Rocket science it is not my friends.

Feel pity for these people. You still have the ability to reason. If war does break out the ability to reason will likely protect you to some extent. Personally I will move out of the way.

But anyway, there is some good news in all this. Some light at the end of the tunnel. For the Internet has broken the monopoly on narrative setting and information hoarding.

The hysteria you see is the control freak types, collectivists, relativists, communists, religionists and so on squealing as reality is forced on them. All that’s happening is reality is ripping out their cultural foundational axioms from under them.

It’s painful, it’s normal to fight and scream, they are having their identities destroyed. Ironically it’s a bit like forcing an atheist to wear a burka. Rational people should be sympathetic but remain steadfast in their resolve.

Furthermore bitcoin and blockchain will allow for three critical foundational changes to our world in line with original “cypherpunk” thinking. This will hopefully have the effect of supercharging the processes I have mentioned above.

  • Self sovereign identity
  • Honest currency (not the fake fiat garbage we use now)
  • Decentralized apps.
  • Social media that can’t be messed with by private companies or the state.

For the first time in human history, the free thinkers maybe able to help build the world a fairer system.

Finally, one must all the while remember that human intelligence likely just evolved as another survival trait. All these problems we have are all part of our natural evolution. It’s up to us to tame ourselves. In my view  only reason and logic are indifferent to caste and creed.

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