Overplaying Postmodernism

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It is obvious that there are believers on both sides of the deficient Left-Right political spectrum who have substituted religion with other beliefs. People who have taken a leap of faith to believe all-out in an idea or theory. The primary aim of the conquistadores was Empire, sanctioned by concurrent conversions. In the case of the Left, the Wokerati engage in a … Continue reading Overplaying Postmodernism

Malignant Mayor

BY FRANK HAVILAND As a child of the eighties, I hope you’ll forgive my assertion that pretty much any life truth can be found in The Princess Bride (a lockdown must if you haven’t seen it, and well worth a revisit if you have). As a 9-year-old boy, I marvelled at the battle of wits between Cary Elwes’ hero ‘Wesley’, and Wallace Shawn’s criminal mastermind, ‘Vizzini’. … Continue reading Malignant Mayor

Cowardly Cancel Culture

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE It would take either a fool or a fascist to witness the growing casualties of cancel culture and still deny its existence. But as I will go on to describe, there are deniers out there quite capable of displaying both these disorders in equal measure. Then there are those who recognise it but will nonetheless tacitly agree that the censored ‘had it … Continue reading Cowardly Cancel Culture

Why the Hysteria?

BY CRYPTO Humans are essentially tribal, people with similar traits and beliefs group together. You can see this played out on the Internet every day. It’s very clear. Ancient humans understood this early on and realised if you can set the base axioms for a group, the narrative, i.e. answer the mother of all questions, what’s the meaning of life. Then you can control and … Continue reading Why the Hysteria?

The Silencing

BY MANDY BALDWIN What is it with Twitter?  As a forum for public speech – which it purports to be – it’s inadequate, when you think about it.  Anyone worth their salt gets suspended eventually and staff have been covertly filmed gleefully discussing their tactics for crushing dissent, or wrongthink, which, along with Hate Speech, must stand as a concept scary enough to have the … Continue reading The Silencing

99 Twitter Accounts That Follow Back

BY NICK NURNBERG See below a list of 99 Verified Twitter accounts you should follow who will follow back. NB These accounts are actual humans whose behaviour can change from time to time.   The LIST – https://twitter.com/ginblossoms https://twitter.com/chyna_cymone https://twitter.com/sherylunderwood https://twitter.com/CSquireMagazine https://twitter.com/bumblefoot https://twitter.com/movistar_es https://twitter.com/latinprince https://twitter.com/gnm888 https://twitter.com/gilbertoperez https://twitter.com/capriottis https://twitter.com/ahmalcolm https://twitter.com/beachpillows https://twitter.com/bluehousekorea https://twitter.com/coxbusiness https://twitter.com/edstetzer https://twitter.com/endcape https://twitter.com/ericschiffer https://twitter.com/flack4ric https://twitter.com/footwerkband https://twitter.com/jaloes https://twitter.com/katieraml https://twitter.com/ken_brewer https://twitter.com/korya_mckj https://twitter.com/domwightmangb https://twitter.com/lou https://twitter.com/mokobe113 https://twitter.com/paulpoteet https://twitter.com/radioaricka https://twitter.com/ronedmondson https://twitter.com/slsoContinue reading 99 Twitter Accounts That Follow Back