England’s Cyber Nats

CSM EDITORIAL This magazine is proud to publish the writings of Effie Deans. She writes clear and illuminating articles – often to highlight the nonsense going on up north over the border as Sturgeon’s mayoralty gets a tad too big for its wee booties. The downside to publishing Effie’s work is the kickback that the magazine receives from the so-called cybernats. These comprise the SNP … Continue reading England’s Cyber Nats

Damaged SNP Unleashes Cybernats

BY JOHN ISMAEL It seems Nicola Sturgeon is still struggling to control extremists in her party. The modern political scourge of SNP’s cybernats doesn’t seem to be going away despite her party’s efforts to sort the problem out during that low point of abuse when former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy faced a torrent of foul online messages from nationalist supporters in the weeks before … Continue reading Damaged SNP Unleashes Cybernats