England’s Cyber Nats


This magazine is proud to publish the writings of Effie Deans. She writes clear and illuminating articles – often to highlight the nonsense going on up north over the border as Sturgeon’s mayoralty gets a tad too big for its wee booties.

The downside to publishing Effie’s work is the kickback that the magazine receives from the so-called cybernats. These comprise the SNP army of trolls who seem to have time to pile on whoever disagrees with them. If social media existed in the 1930’s then no doubt Hitler would have either tried to pull the plug on it or he would have arranged for an army of cyber trolls such as the SNP possess to cause mayhem online. (Of course, it’s never a good time to mention Hitler when dealing with the SNP).

The abuse these trolls can conjure in an afternoon is staggering.

This magazine is used to suffering the vitriol of the rabid anti-hunt crowd. Occasionally there’s a pile-on from elsewhere (there was one memorable occasion a few summers back which even an irate Irish ambassador to Britain joined in on). But the abuse that these cyber nats throw up is far worse. Most of it is grammar-free invective. Some of it qualifies as malicious communications. Others start off with a polite and sensible message and then end it with cursing that one’s grandmother would likely spit her tea out at.

So, who are these people? Where do they find the time? One might imagine the SNP’s army of cyber trolls to be the 21st Century equivalent of Rab C Nesbitt. Surely, like Rab, they have their redeeming qualities? Their Scottishness and qualification as SNP drones is not to be questioned?


The thing about sending emails to the Editor or leaving a comment on the Country Squire website is that an IP address is left behind. Of the 83 communications received yesterday – furious at a follow-up piece written by Effie about Gaelic road signs – 38 were from England, 29 were from Ireland, 12 were from Scotland and the remainder were from abroad/proxies. What a bunch of fakes! Talk about yoking the foreign hordes!

One is reminded of one of the most prominent SNP bloggers/activists, Wings over Scotland – a certain Stuart Campbell – who bases his operations from that famous Scottish town called Bath in the historic county of Somerset. The Daily Mail did an exposé not so long ago on the cybernats and came up with some interesting truths – many are as Scottish as the notorious Plastic Paddies of Chicago are Irish.

Is it not hypocritical of Nicola Sturgeon and her party that in their proposed referendum – their imagined future one, not the one they recently lost – that the many Scots outside of Scotland will have no say at all? Yet their party relies on cybernats posted around the United Kingdom to garner activist momentum? Why, say, are English SNP voters in Scotland more Scottish than Fraser Nelson?

No wonder the SNP are so frayed at the edges these days. Bending the playing field in a desperate attempt to squeeze through a referendum – let alone a referendum victory – is an unwise tactic. Using the independence issue as a misdirection play to cover their weak record in government in Scotland cannot last forever. Not long one thinks before the Murrell-Seaweed hold over the party cracks under the (seemingly inevitable) break of one scandal or another. Tick tock…

Meanwhile this magazine would like to thank the likes of Eòghan Mac a’ Ghobhainn and John Storey who wrote in with polite and informative messages. Country Squire Magazine is always open to receiving readers’ messages, especially the civilised ones.