It’s Dave’s World

BY STEWART SLATER Like George Nathaniel Curzon, David Cameron is a most superior person. His face is pink, his hair is sleek. He may even (for all I know) dine at Blenheim once a week. Unlike “Dear George”, Dave became Prime Minister but the former would gain some comfort, I am sure, from having been Viceroy of India and a Marquess rather than having to … Continue reading It’s Dave’s World

The Return of the King

BY PAUL T HORGAN The return of David Cameron to front-line politics has elicited strong reactions from all areas of the political spectrum. On Sunday it was inconceivable that Cameron would be anything other than a former Prime Minister, travelling the lecture circuit and sitting on the board of numerous organisations while acting as a consultant for others. Elevation to a Knight of the Garter … Continue reading The Return of the King

Multiculturalism & Multiracialism

BY ALEX STORY A week or so ago, Suella Braverman spoke about the country’s right to control her borders and decide who can live within them. She referred to Angela Merkel, Germany’s former Chancellor, who said in a speech in 2010, that multiculturalism had utterly failed. At the time, Nicolas Sarkozy of France and David Cameron, our erstwhile Prime Minister, said much the same thing. … Continue reading Multiculturalism & Multiracialism

You Scratch My Back

THE CITY GRUMP First a quick refresher from the inestimable Dominic Cummings: “Current existing systems massively reward high status, well connected people” We may indeed have much to thank Lex (Luther?) Greensill for employing one David Cameron. Because the aforesaid top toff ex PM has been caught with his proverbial trousers down, and this has encouraged the mainstream British media to use the ever decreasing … Continue reading You Scratch My Back


BY JAMIE FOSTER A delightful book to dip in and out of, Bruce Anderson’s ‘Drink!’ is a collection of his columns from The Spectator. Published by Quiller, this slim volume is a series of vignettes full of joie de vivre. Each column recollects a different occasion on which Anderson is drinking wine and it is a joy to be transported by him to so many … Continue reading Drink!