Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH You cannot shut down an economy without catastrophic long-term damage. The damage of unintended consequences permeates like the butterfly effect, reaching industries and supply chains not even originally considered. From copper to turkeys, all products are made somewhere, and all services are provided by someone. Those who enjoyed their 18 months of “rest” will blame Brexit for the inflation that hits their … Continue reading Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

What’s Eating British Capitalism?

THE CITY GRUMP “Current existing systems massively reward high status well connected people” As usual Dominic Cummings hit the nail on the head when answering a question on checks and balances in front of the Science and Technology Committee last week (I sometimes fantasise over what could have been achieved if the Blessed Margaret had worked with Cummings instead of our current dissembling PM). I … Continue reading What’s Eating British Capitalism?

Magic Money Tree Muppets

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I pull my hair out at the economic theorists attached to the current Loonie Labour leadership and those linked with the Scottish National Party (all of the former, not all of the latter). They should be done for radicalising idealistic types. These theorists keep on repeating the myth that debt is fine – a soaring national debt is no biggie because there … Continue reading Magic Money Tree Muppets