The Unforgivable Sin

BY EFFIE DEANS There is some speculation that Russia might be about to invade Ukraine again. The Red Army might be about to repeat its “liberation” of “Little Russia” bringing it back to the Motherland whether it likes it or not. In such a case a large number of Ukrainians might decide to flee westwards. Would they be stuck behind a barbed wire fence in … Continue reading The Unforgivable Sin

Only the Terrorist is Guilty

BY EFFIE DEANS Whenever there is a terrorist attack in somewhere like Israel, we are told by the BBC that it carried out by militants. It gives the impression that the far left from the 1980s stopped handing out newspapers to blow himself up. Only when a terrorist attack happens here in Britain will the BBC allow itself to describe it as such. IRA militants … Continue reading Only the Terrorist is Guilty

How to Stop Scottish Nationalism

BY EFFIE DEANS The British Government has already ruled out a second Scottish independence referendum during the course of the next Parliament. It was in the Conservative Party manifesto and the Conservative Party won a large majority. That should be the end of the matter. Constitutional matters are reserved. The Scottish Parliament should be getting on with devolved issues and using the increased powers it … Continue reading How to Stop Scottish Nationalism