Tory Voters No Longer Shy

CSM EDITORIAL In 2015, polls just before the General Election were pointing to another hung parliament. There was a fear on the morning of the 7th of May that Ed Miliband might be able to somehow form a dreadful coalition government with Nicola Sturgeon. Slightly better, a Clegg-Cameron pact seemed a possibility also – a Tory majority seemed so distant that Lord Ashdown threatened to … Continue reading Tory Voters No Longer Shy

A Warning from the Past

BY PETER THOMPSON Two years ago I wrote the following post. I haven’t updated it so it refers to Ed Miliband and the very real threat he posed to the prosperity of our country. I now ask you to consider how much more dangerous these risks are under Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Labour have no understanding of the extraordinary risks entrepreneurs take and yet … Continue reading A Warning from the Past