Faux Fabians

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN A recommendation to everyone – go attend a Momentum meeting or two. First, pop around to your local Cat Rescue Charity Shop and buy some cords, a cardigan and some t-shirt you’d rather not be seen dead in, then rock up to a Momentum meeting at one of the hundred or so branches of Jon Lansman’s cult, which are dotted around the … Continue reading Faux Fabians

Labour & the UK Countryside

CSM EDITORIAL After announcing itself as the party of the countryside in 1997, Labour is still the political party of inner cities. With the loss of the Copeland by-election, the number of rural seats in Labour hands in England and Wales has tumbled to just 29 out of the 199 seats designated rural in government statistics. If recent polling translates into votes in a general … Continue reading Labour & the UK Countryside