The New Racists

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I always thought that racism was due to a lack of a decent education. There was no other explanation for the horror of Antisemitism. No other reason for those fools who treated blacks badly. Or for the bullying behaviour of thugs who insulted the Asians running corner shops and post offices. Surely racists were either dim or unenlightened, or so I thought. … Continue reading The New Racists

Brexiteers Are Neanderthals

BY SAM WHITE I thought things were going well. We were in the EU and Britain was being drained of its troublesome sovereignty as I, through my subscription to Everyday Feminism, was being radically unchained from my toxic masculinity. Brussels knows best. Who needs to know the names of the suits in charge anyway? They’re European, nice shoes, brandy on tap. They’re just better at … Continue reading Brexiteers Are Neanderthals