Cancer and Pisces

BY ANDREW MOODY Mick May, the author of Cancer and Pisces: One Man’s Story of his Unique Survival of Cancer, Interwoven with the Joy and Succour of Fishing was first diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a rare lung cancer caused by asbestos poisoning, back in 2013. (Mesothelioma) is a particularly vicious form of cancer. It is invariably fatal and the median life expectancy from diagnosis is around … Continue reading Cancer and Pisces

Fishing For Leave

BY MARK CHILES Earlier this month in Westminster, Fishing for Leave released one of the first detailed Brexit policy documents. The policy paper clearly details the realities of Brexit to ensure the UK regains all fisheries waters and resources automatically with nothing to negotiate. Speaking to the 30 national journalists FFL said “We have devised future policy to ensure the UK takes advantage of the … Continue reading Fishing For Leave

The GB Fish & Ships Revival

BY MARK CHILES It is absurd that a landlocked country like Austria should have a say in setting the catch quotas for Britain’s fishermen. Yet under tight EU quota restrictions, brought in with the Common Fisheries Policy in 1983, Austria currently helps determine what, how much of and where Britain’s fishermen currently fish. Brexit changes all of that. Freedom from the Common Fisheries Policy will … Continue reading The GB Fish & Ships Revival