Letter to the Burglars

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The Police informed me that the maximum amount of time you spent ransacking my home would have been ten minutes.  Yet the carnage you left in my bedroom alone took the best part of three days – with very little sleep – to clear up.  You turned every drawer upside down and pulled everything down from my wardrobes in your frenzied search … Continue reading Letter to the Burglars

New Opposition Required

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN  Britain has become too accustomed to cycles of Big Government splurge under Labour followed by Tory Governments cleaning up the mess – only for Labour to eventually get voted in and spend the country to oblivion again. Now we have a chance to stop this senseless cycle. Imagine if – instead of Labour coming to power after the Tories have swept up … Continue reading New Opposition Required

S(h)ave the Children

BY JAMES CAMPBELL This week’s furore over child refugees – some who looked more like adults than children – not only damages the future chances of genuine child refugees being welcomed by the British public; it also damages public trust in Westminster at a time when there is little trust left. For, after the MPs’ expenses scandal and then the over-egged Project Fear prior to Brexit, there is … Continue reading S(h)ave the Children