The Slow Death of Fair Play

BY INFAMOUST If one chooses to look through the annals of sport – and team sport in particular – it isn’t hard to see the influence that the United Kingdom has had right across the entire world. It appears to be something in which we excel – the creation of sports that is – even if not very often in the playing of sports we, … Continue reading The Slow Death of Fair Play

“Progressive” Shouters

BY JON ALEXANDER I’m sure by now you’re all aware of a Google employee being fired for airing an opinion that wasn’t popular with his employer and the recent instance of some National Trust volunteers receiving criticism for declining to wear an LGBT lanyard. Both cases are a carefully-cultivated storm in a teacup. Whereas Google is sticking to its guns, The National Trust has backed down … Continue reading “Progressive” Shouters

Will We Ever Get Over Our Sexuality?

BY ALEXIA JAMES The comedian Joe Lycett is pansexual and on Radio 4 this week he jokingly declared himself “a threat to all of you”. Transsexual Valentina Sampaio (pictured) has just become the Vogue Magazine Cover model. And now Indian cinema is leading the way in accepting transsexual and transgender people as…just people. Actor and model Anjali Ameer is soon going to be the first … Continue reading Will We Ever Get Over Our Sexuality?