Breaking the Hunting Act is “fine” says Avery

BY GILES BRADSHAW The Wild Justice Director Mark Avery has given qualified support to disobeying the Hunting Act. He believes that it is “fine” provided that: I’m going to assume this is also the position of the campaign group to which he belongs. And I think this is a reasonable position to hold. I’d like to give qualified support to Avery’s qualified support of hunt … Continue reading Breaking the Hunting Act is “fine” says Avery

Bad Law, Antis & the Police

BY GILES BRADSHAW Since the publication of my article The Absurd Law Trumped By Common Sense in Country Squire Magazine, I’ve had some interesting feedback: Devon and Cornwall Police Firstly I have been informally questioned by the police. I actually welcome this development as it allowed me to put my case to them for humane hunt crime. I’ve been through with them in detail how … Continue reading Bad Law, Antis & the Police

Hunting Kind

BY CAPTAIN ED SWALES Rural Britain is being eradicated, quietly, in the back halls of Westminster, Stormont, Cardiff and Holyrood, by the sour ingredients of a damaging cocktail of misguided urban political correctness, ‘virtue signalling’ and woke agendas. As they used to say in the Army, when unexpectedly under attack…. “Stand To!”. In reality, this threat is from a tiny minority of animal rights extremists, … Continue reading Hunting Kind

Chart of Antis

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ This magazine’s recent article concerning huntsman Lee Peters and his appalling harassment at the hands of anti hunt extremists – covering their multiple attempts at vexatious litigation in a bid to ruin his life – appalled and shocked a great number of people. The response has been overwhelming, frankly – thousands of reads, lots of feedback on social media … Continue reading Chart of Antis

A Passion for the Hunted Hunter

BY JAMIE FOSTER On the 10 July 1997, for the first time, I engaged my democratic right to peacefully protest by carrying my 2 month old daughter in my arms on the Countryside Rally. At the time I didn’t believe that even a Labour Government would pass such an illiberal and discriminatory piece of legislation as the Hunting Act turned out to be. I didn’t … Continue reading A Passion for the Hunted Hunter