Chart of Antis


This magazine’s recent article concerning huntsman Lee Peters and his appalling harassment at the hands of anti hunt extremists – covering their multiple attempts at vexatious litigation in a bid to ruin his life – appalled and shocked a great number of people. The response has been overwhelming, frankly – thousands of reads, lots of feedback on social media and many messages sent in via the magazine’s contact form.

People across these islands are waking up to the fact that the antis have a strategic plan to get a reaction from the hunting community, so they can complain to the authorities about them. This then gives the antis – so they dream – the moral high ground. More importantly, this gives the antis reason for the police not to charge them – if a harasser can show illegal reaction from their victim then the police will know the case against them will not stand up in court and it is then down to the victim to prove his or her case, at their own expense, in a civil court.

The antis are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think they inhabit the moral high ground. They have proven time and time again that they are the lowest of the low. We are exposing their antics every week on Country Squire Magazine and there are other organisations and publications bravely doing the same.

There are not that many antis. Is it not time the hunting community joined together and exposed these crooked class warriors – in a chart of names and faces – for who they are? Just as exposing the Corbyn network in a chart successfully exposed that cult’s sinister connections and rabid antisemitism over the last few years. Look how Corbyn’s gaggle of misfits were crushed, their network of sordid links exposed. Look at how Corbynites and the hard left are now widely ridiculed by all and sundry. Well, the antis are part of that same network.

It’s also about time a Tory government stood by its core countryside vote, did the right thing and reformed the hunting act which was created by a Labour Party determined to placate far left ideologues in their party; leftist Taliban who sought to divide the nation into some false, Marxist, imagined class war, where ‘toffs’ ride and hunt, while the ‘working class’ are downtrodden losers in need of Labour hand-outs.  When will people begin to understand that hunting is beyond class barriers and brings the whole countryside village together, whether Lord or gardener? On this the townie twatterati have no voice at all.

Peter Bradley (Labour) private secretary to Labour minister Alun Michael, nailed his colours to the mast in the Telegraph in 2004:

‘We ought at last to own up to it: the struggle over the Bill was not just about animal welfare and personal freedom: it was class war. Bradley continued – “it was the ‘toffs’ who declared war on Labour by resisting the ban”.

The truth is it was Labour who declared war on the countryside via their intransigence over the hunting ban and they have not won a seat there since. An opportunity existed to realise a compromise that would have given the majority, on both sides, a reasonably acceptable outcome. Instead, they achieved a piece of legislation – the main claim to fame of which was the easier prosecution of poachers and coursers. If you look at prosecution records, significantly greater than 90% of prosecutions under the hunting ban have been prosecutions of poachers and coursers. In short, Labour ended up targeting the working man. (‘Toffs’ are not known for their poaching, certainly).

Working huntsman Lee Peters’ story is a case in point. Peters had no previous convictions. Whilst out hunting in 2012, Peters was accused of racial harassment by a female Somalian saboteur. Unfortunately for Lee the hunting bodies he had hoped would represent and stand by him took a back seat in providing help and assistance. Lee was understandably infuriated. If Lee were found guilty, the hunting bodies would have been viewed as siding with a racist and their chances of lobbying over other matters greatly diminished.

This attempt to smear pro-hunting groups with accusations of racism is nothing new from the antis. During the hunting debate Labour MP Martin Salter was seen busily distributing a leaflet inside parliament which drew a parallel between pro-hunting groups and the far-right British National Party. When Peter Luff, Conservative MP for Mid-Worcestershire, asked Salter for a copy and was rebuffed, he told Salter his conduct was disgraceful. Salter responded to Mr Luff with “say that again and I’ll break every f***ing bone in your f***ing body”. Salter’s offensive behaviour was rightly reported to the Sergeant-at-Arms. Given that Salter went onto become a centenary patron for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), perhaps he learnt in time from the gentlemen and women of the BASC that his leaflet was groundless.  

Peters was found guilty but knew he had done no wrong and appealed. He was on his own alongside a few good and loyal hunting folk that believed in his innocence and knew him to be a good man. Peters discovered the criminal record of one of the witnesses used by the Crown Prosecution Service. One Bristol saboteur had been imprisoned for a month for anti-social behaviour. This was for taking part in a five-year reign of terror in the sleepy village of Newborough. He had also received a conditional discharge for harassment, cautions for two public disorder offences and a conviction for theft. (You see that a lot with these crooks – they operate often in troll pairs, often over many years, as they gaslight victims. Police stalking experts are getting wise to them increasingly each year.)

Peters then discovered that the female Somalian saboteur had been purposefully planted to catch Lee out. She had been taking acting lessons down in London and also had convictions – one for assaulting a police officer and another for theft. Agents provocateurs no less – groomed by the antis. These were the same people the CPS had lined up to convict an innocent man and fortunately the judge saw right through them. 

This was a brazen attempt to ruin a man’s life using the good old left-wing accusation of ‘racist’ in pursuit of the antis’ leftist ‘class war’.

So, why did this story not get covered by the mainstream press? Why was Lee Peters’ name not ubiquitous? Do people not care about massive injustices these days?

Peters’ story went unreported until now because Peters refused the assistance of the hunting bodies and their press offices. An unsurprising stance given the hunting bodies were too concerned about possible vilification as racists. If Lee’s perpetrators had appeared in a Chart of Antis then no doubt more forces would have got behind Peters – they’d know that he was the target of another perverted antis’ stunt.

Now, let Lee Peters’ story be a turning point.

We all know who the antis are. They have been infiltrated. Senior cadres have been turned. We know the faces behind the masks. A detailed network can be built up which can be handed to the Police, the Press and the Charity Commission. Know and expose thy enemy. Thereafter legal action can be taken en masse by the hunting community to paralyse these class warriors and make sure their attempts to pervert the course of justice – through the use of provocateurs and faked evidence – get noticed by courts across the land. Time to shine a light on these creepy bastards and expose their dirty tricks.