National Trust Jump the Gun?

BY NIGEL BEAN The National Trust say they have now banned trail hunting on their land due to potential reputational risk associated with this activity after the conviction of Mark Hankinson over the notorious ‘smokescreen’ webinars. Drag hunting will be allowed to continue on their land. What is the difference between Trail and Drag hunting? Trail hunting is an activity that traditional fox hunts have … Continue reading National Trust Jump the Gun?

LACS’ Lost Leaders

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ James Barrington, formerly League Against Cruel Sports (aka LACS) CEO, wrote an excellent article in Country Squire Magazine last week on the devastation of native wildlife through the myopic approach of animal rights zealots. It was clear these zealots despise field sportsmen/women with such obsessive fervour that they seek to denigrate them at every opportunity. They believe they are … Continue reading LACS’ Lost Leaders

Labour’s Hunting Scam

BY NIGEL BEAN Countryside folk expressed surprise and outrage last week when the leaked Labour manifesto contained a pledge to defend the now failed hunting act. Naturally to them, none of this makes sense. The good people of the countryside are responsible for the vast majority of animals in the UK and apply the highest and strictest animal welfare standards anywhere in the civilised world. … Continue reading Labour’s Hunting Scam